4As Top Down Policy will bottom out No Urban, No Hispanic Dictates


The setting. Board room of the New York headquarters of the American Association of Advertising Agencies.

The Players-Nancy Hill, CEO/ 4As, Marc Goldstein, CEO/Group M-North America, Samford Moore, Activitst, Adonis Hoffman, SVP/AAAA, Alexis Cameron, SVP/Emmis, Frank Flores,SVP/Spanish Broadcasting, and Sherman Kizart, Managing Director/Kizart Media Partners.
Background- Discuss the inequities that African American and Hispanic owned and targeted radio stations continue  to encounter among the leading multibillion dollar media planning and buying agencies on Madison Avenue and across the country.

What are No Urban Dictates or NUDS as they are commonly referred to in African American radio circles? NUDS are the targeted exclusion of African American formatted radio stations in the course of planning and placing a radio advertising buy or campaign.

The acceptance and practice of No Urban and No Hispanic Dictates are the largest contributors to the financial inequities that impact African American and Hispanic Radio.

No Urban and No Hispanic Dictates costs Urban and Hispanic Radio stations conservatively $250 million in lost ad revenues annually.

When the Federal Communications Commission passed its localism orders in late 2008, No Urban and No Hispanic Dictates were outlawed by federally licensed broadcasters.

FCC Commissioners Robert McDowell and Jonathan Adelstein asked me to lead a task force to work with the ad industry in helping to eliminate the practice of No Urban and No Hispanic Dictates. 

I provided real life examples of No Urban Dictates to the 4As Media Council. I reminded these Agency CEOS that these examples were recent incidents of excluding African American stations from radio advertising campaigns.

Marc Goldstein, CEO/Group M-North America, is the most powerful media planning and buying executive in the US. Group M is the parent company of Mindshare, Mediacom, Media Edge, and Maxus. The media agencies alone collectively plan and place over $5 billion dollars in measured media.

As Chairman of the 4As Media Council, Mr. Goldstein made a commitment and policy change in how No Urban and No Hispanic Dictates would be addressed.

1. African American and Hispanic Broadcasters would get an audience with the senior leadership of media agencies including CEO to specifically address No Urban and No Hispanic Dictates when they arise.

2. First meeting would center and focus on discussing the specific NUD or No Hispanic Dictate that would include a fact-finding mission by the media agency.
3. Second and final meeting would be focused on resolution of the No Urban or No Hispanic Dictate. Meeting would be among agency executive team including CEO of the media agency.

The new 4A’S Media Council Top Down dialogue and resolution of No Urban and No Hispanic Dictates would replace the old bottom up strategy and tactics. This new paradigm shift is not only changing and helping to eliminate the practice of No Urban and No Hispanic Dictates. More importantly, this new policy as adopted by the 4As Media Council is helping to drive rightfully so to Urban Radio and Hispanic Radio.

Marc Goldstein is transitioning from his CEO post at Group M at the end of March. Thank you, Marc for having the courage and vision to champion the Top Down Policy.

— Sherman K. Kizart
Managing Director
Kizart Media Partners
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