69 million have “Gaming Gene”


The newly re-branded Game Show Network/GSN announced results of a two part study commissioned by Frank N. Magid Associates and TRU revealing that one in every three adults plays online games and watches game shows monthly, these gaming enthusiasts are a receptive audience for advertisers and are less likely to channel surf during commercials when watching GSN.

Today, more game shows are broadcast than ever before, and at the same time, thousands of games are available for free online and on mobile devices.  As a result, the number of gaming enthusiasts has significantly increased. The findings of the recent study show that 104 million adults 18-64 watch game shows on TV monthly and that 100 million adults 18-64 play free online games monthly.

The study found that 69 million adults watch game shows and play online games, a group GSN refers to as those with the “gaming gene.” Mike Vorhaus, President, Magid Advisors, Frank N. Magid Associates, said “These consumers love the mental stimulation of game play.”

With the state of today’s economy, it is also expected that more people will develop the “gaming gene” as they search for less expensive means of entertainment. GSN is reaching out to these new audiences by offering opportunities to play along both on-air and online, putting winning within reach for everyone. Franchises such as Bingo America and GSN Live allow GSN television viewers and online gamers to win everyday. The study showed that 31 percent of game show viewers, and 54 percent of GSN viewers have interacted with a game show through the Internet, phone or text messaging.

The studies also highlight another key finding for advertisers regarding viewers’ acceptance of brand integration in game shows. 54% of heavy game show viewers (6 or more hours viewed per week) had top two box agreement that, “It is perfectly fine that certain brands sponsor a game show on TV and are mentioned prominently during the show.”

“We were gratified to hear that our audience accepts advertising, and indeed, embraces it as part of game shows and free online games,” said John Zaccario, GSN SVP/Ad Sales. “Our ability to introduce deeper audience insights into the conversations we have in the marketplace every day will result in more effective cross platform advertising programs for our customers.”

Among heavy game show viewers, 38% agree that “I am less likely to channel surf during commercial breaks on game shows than on other types of shows.” Nielsen Media ratings data corroborates that GSN viewers are more likely to watch GSN live than time shifted; thereby eliminating the potential of skipped commercial viewing.