75% of global internet users watch TV daily, but not satisfied


People watching TVAccording to global research consultancy TNS, adults around the world remain hooked on TV, but the consumption habits of content-hungry viewers are changing rapidly. TV sets alone are no longer enough to satisfy the appetite for content. The study found that 48% of people who watch TV in the evening simultaneously engage in other digital activities, such as using social media, checking their emails or shopping online, says The Center for Media Research post.

75% of internet users across 50 markets around the world report watch traditional TV on a daily basis, compared 25% who report watching video on a digital device daily, according to the survey of more than 55,000 internet users around the world. The US results mirrored the global average, with three-quarters watching TV daily compared to 24% watching video daily on a PC, laptop, tablet or mobile.

Daily Reach TV vs. Online Video (55,000 Web Users Across 50 Countries)
  % of Group Respondents
Country Watch TV every day Watch online video every day (PC, mobile or tablet)
Global 75% 25%
UAE 86 15
Spain 84 28
Italy 82 33
UK 80 17
Australia 79 18
Germany 78 10
India 78 20
Hong Kong 75 32
USA 75 24
Russia 73 44
France 71 16
China 66 33
Source: TNS, July 2014

The survey found that viewers own approximately four digital devices each, rising to five among Australian, German and UK respondents. This, combined with demand for TV and video content on-the-go, is fuelling the rise of multi-screening or ‘screen-stacking’ – the use of multiple digital devices at the same time.

The desire to access favorite TV shows at all hours of the day is also driving online TV usage, which extends our access to them. 25% of those surveyed worldwide watch content on a PC, laptop, tablet or mobile daily. This rises to 33% in mainland China and Singapore and 32% in Hong Kong, where ‘phablets’ are increasingly popular.

Market; % Of People Watching Online Video Every Day – Either PC, Mobile Or Tablet
Global 25% Netherlands 12%
Europe 25 New Zealand 17
Australia 18 Russia 44
China 33 Singapore 33
France 16 Spain 28
Germany 10 UAE 15
Hong Kong 32 UK 17
India 20 USA 24
Italy 33

Despite this surge in online consumption, says the report, traditional TV sets still play a huge part, with 75% of respondents sitting in front of the box every day. TV dinners are also alive and well, with 76% of viewers giving TV their undivided attention while eating in the evening. In Hong Kong, more people actually choose to watch TV and video online rather than on traditional sets. After dinner, 26% of people tune into content on their digital devices, in contrast to 14% who switch on their TVs.

The report shows that many of the big global media companies are taking advantage of growing online viewing trends, offering on-demand services such as BBC iPlayer, Hulu or HBO GO, which allow people to access premium content wherever they are through their phones or tablets.

Matthew Froggatt, Chief Development Officer at TNS, said: “… where multi-tasking is the norm… context in which we watch TV is rapidly changing… the growth in screen-stacking and online TV viewing is huge… particularly in the Asian markets, driven by a growing demand for content… “