75% of Oscars viewers didn't see Best Picture nominees yet


With no big box office hits nominated this year, only 23.7% of the people who watched the 80th Academy Awards telecast actually saw one of the five films nominated for Best Picture. This according to a report released by Integrated Media Measurement.

The data, which was collected by monitoring actual individual behavior in six metro s, suggests most Oscar viewers did not come to the telecast informed about the five Best Picture films. 15.3% of IMMI panelists who watched the Oscars saw "Juno," 8.2% saw "No Country For Old Men," 4.1% saw "Atonement," 3.9% saw "Michael Clayton" and 3.8% saw "There Will Be Blood."

"The 75% who watched the telecast but haven’t yet seen any of the films represents a tremendous potential theatrical, DVD and pay-per-view audience for the five nominated pictures," said Amanda Welsh, head of research for IMMI. "While many Oscar viewers didn’t see any of the five films nominated for Best Picture, the fact that they tuned-in anyway shows what a strong buzz there is for these movies."

The data also showed that 56% of people who saw "No Country For Old Men" tuned-in to the award show, compared with 51% for "Atonement," 44% for "There Will Be Blood," 41% for "Juno" and 35% for "Michael Clayton."