92.3 WIL to host “Cornbread's Big Fat Wedding 2”


They’ve done it before, but not quite as big as this one. 92.3 WIL St. Louis announced their plans to host “Cornbread’s Big Fat Wedding 2” – a Mardi Gras-themed marriage event for 35 festive brides and grooms – which will take place during the 30th Annual Soulard Mardi Gras Parade on Saturday, 2/13.

“Cornbread’s Big Fat Wedding 2” is first ever “mass mobile marriage” in a parade, and will be the largest wedding reception with more than 100,000 guests at the annual St. Louis Mardi Gras celebration.

According to Cornbread, the WIL wedding events are one of his favorite events at the radio station. “It’s like I’m marrying St. Louis again – I treat her like a lady, and she gives me a World Series trophy for our anniversary every so often – we’re a great couple!” He adds, “We’re going to give Mardi Gras a great show – don’t miss it!”

Approximately 35 lucky couples will be wed in an official ceremony, with the “Reverend” Cornbread serving as the officiant. The marriage ceremony will take place at 10:30am before the Mardi Gras parade in the WIL staging area, located in the 7th Street parking lot next to Al Hrabosky’s.

After the ceremony, the group wedding reception will take place during St. Louis’ annual Mardi Gras parade on the #26 92.3 WIL “Big Fat Wedding” float. The River City Casino Grand Parade will step off at 11:00am, with the parade route starting at Busch Stadium and ending at the historic Anheuser-Busch complex.

Besides the wedding vows and reception, “Cornbread’s Big Fat Wedding 2” ceremony will include the cake, champagne toasts, an official first dance and photographs to record the event. Family and friends will join the couples for the ceremony prior to the parade, and then for the reception aboard the 92.3 WIL parade float.