923 Now's Nick Cannon blurts out home phone on-air


The newly-syndicated Citadel Media Networks countdown host and 923 Now (WXRK-FM) NYC morning man dropped his actual home phone number on the air 4/21. The morning team didn’t believe him so they called it and his pregnant wife Mariah Carey answered. It made for good banter.

Cannon will be going on paternity leave as soon as their twins arrive, but his excuse was he loves his fans and listeners so much that he gave out his actual home phone number so everyone can keep in touch: 212.524.2998.

Listen to the segment here

RBR-TVBR observation: We’re pretty sure the number will be left for messages only and a new one has already been installed. Nonetheless, it shows he cares about his listeners and it may lead to plenty of humor and well-wishes played on-air. Could it have been planned all along?