95.7 KJR FM’s Bob Rivers retires


Bob RiversAfter 33 years of doing morning radio, CCME-owned 95.7 KJR-FM’s Bob Rivers announced his decision to step away and discontinue The Bob Rivers Morning Show.  Leading up to his final show on Friday, 8/8, the iconic Seattle personality will host nine farewell shows to say goodbye to listeners, advertisers and co-workers.

For over 25 years, Rivers has been entertaining audiences in the Pacific Northwest and has appeared on some of Seattle’s biggest radio stations.

“Bob is a world-class talent, a true professional and radio genius, and it’s been our pleasure working with such a radio legend that inspired many in the industry to get into the business in their early years,” said Keith Cunningham, Vice President of Programming, Clear Channel Media and Entertainment Seattle.

“I’ve been on the radio for 42 years; since I was 16.  33-years doing morning drive, 25 of them being here in Seattle.  Our show signed on 8/8/89 and our last show will be 8/8/2014. I will be forever grateful to the best audience and radio family one could hope for:  Spike, Joe, Jodi, Arik, Pedro and Luciana.  I love y’all.  This was not an easy decision for me, but you just know when it’s right.  Hopefully we satisfy the old adage – leave them wanting more,” said Rivers.  “I’m the luckiest radio host in the world.  Not only have I been surrounded by iconic talent and given free-reign to create a unique morning show, we’ve amassed an audience so loyal and loving that they have raised millions and saved children’s lives all over the world.  We enjoyed great ratings over the years, but they only tell part of the story – the bond we’ve had as a cast and with our audience and trusted advertisers trumps all the No. 1’s we achieved.  I’m about to be a grandfather, I don’t want to miss a minute of that.  It’s time for my lovely wife, Lisa, to get The Bob Rivers Show live and in person every morning.  There are projects waiting, like World Vision, touring with Heart by Heart, maybe popping up on radio from time-to-time.”


  1. What a sad day for us here in the Seattle area, but I’m grateful for the years we’ve had with Bob on ANY station he’s been at here. The whole crew is pretty awesome. May the best in his life be before him.

  2. I have been listening to Bob Rivers since he was on KISW. The show is what gets me out of the house in the morning, so I can listen to the show in the morning on my way to work. I am so very happy for Bob, although I had to get into work this morning and didn’t hear what is going to happen with Spike, Joe and Jodi. I hope they are still staying and I hope we can get frequent updates on Bob’s bee keeping, grandchild and whatever else he is doing. He will really be missed, but I really hope the rest of the cast can stay because they are just the best!

  3. I am going to very much kiss bob rivers and the crew at KJR. I have been listening since about 1989 -1990 era. It was my morning commute and I will miss the show terribly. I have had the pleasure of meeting Spike ( I still have that can of spam I won from the wheel of meat) and meeting Joe, a compatriot in the real estate industry.
    I hope the show continues with them and Pedro and Luciana in another format. Joe, now maybe you can come fishing up here in Canada with me some time. I hope Spike and the I papers will continue and I regret not being a back stage guest long ago when I had the chance.
    Farewell and stay well Bob and the team!

  4. What a bummer! This really sucks big wienies!

    You and your show will be missed greatly by me and so many others on the Mon-Friday morning drive. I found your show funny, witty, creative and a great way to start my day. I was fortunate that I had the pleasure of visiting you on your show to talk about Tulalip food and wine events in the past 4 years and always looked forward to seeing you and your great staff. You always seemed to ask the right questions without making food seem so serious. You and Luciana, Joe, Pedro, Arik and Spike have always been so accomodating and genuinely nice to me during my visits. I am so going to miss you and your show. After 33 years, I guess you deserve a big congratulations on your long success and your deserved semi-retirement, but, again, you will be missed. Thank you for the great experiences and memories.

    Chef Perry

  5. So sad!! My whole morning is going to change!! Love listening to to morning banter!! Will be missed!!

  6. Today was a very sad day in Seattle. I was on the road for the last 15 minutes and had to pull over in Puyallup and was crying like a little girl hearing you all for the last time. But as I sat there I noticed 7 other cars doing the same thing and we all got out and listened together as you all sailed off into the sunset. How fitting Bob, Spike, Joe and Jody and the rest of you having drawn the community together for years left by doing the same thing, drawing us all together. I hope you all have happy days ahead and just know you have millions of close dear friends that love and will miss you….
    We will hear you all again I know.

  7. Bob has been with us for years & deserves to take a break & move on, I wish him the best. Jodi,spike,Joe & the rest of his crew (and Steve Slaton, Seth & others) should (IMO) be allowed to carry on with their shows, they are the BEST, bUt it appears that CC had other plans unfortunately – among them, taking KJR away from those in Seattle who have been loyal listeners for YEARS – VERY sad!
    We will miss ALL OF THEM – At least to me, they were “family” . . . If any of the apparently ousted staff read this, WE LOVE YOU GUYS & YOU WILL BE MISSED!

    Thank you ALL for all of the memories over the years!!!!!

    . . . Jeff in Silverdale . . .

  8. Bob and his crew have been part of my morning drive for the past year.. I am sorry to have been a life-long Washington resident and only in the past year come to appreciate his thoughtful insights, wicked sense of humor and points of view. Congratulations Bob as a grandparent!…best part Bob…you can give them back when they need changing! Good luck to you and your staff in your next chapter…you made radio worth listening to!

    -jamie in Kingson

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