95.7 The Jet debuts in Seattle


The JetCCME/Seattle debuted of “95.7 The Jet, Seattle’s Variety From the 70’s, 80’s and More” on 8/8. The move coincided with morning man Bob Rivers announcing his decision discontinue The Bob Rivers Morning Show.  Leading up to his final show on 8/8, the iconic Seattle personality hosted nine farewell shows to say goodbye to listeners, advertisers and co-workers.

95.7 The Jet will feature a wider variety of music, including 70’s favorites like Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles and Heart, but also stretch wider and showcase more variety from 80’s artists like Madonna, Prince and Bon Jovi. The new station will give listeners a chance to win $1,000 each weekday starting Monday, August 11, when they hear The Jet $1,000 Artist of the Day.  The on-air programming lineup will be announced soon.

“Seattle is a great radio town and listeners have a high musical passion and intellect.  What we learned talking directly with listeners and doing extensive research is that expectations for Seattle radio have changed, and wider playlists with more variety are desired,” said Keith Cunningham, VP/Programming for Clear Channel Media and Entertainment Seattle. “We saw the opportunity to take the best of 95.7 KJR FM, add more variety, and create a more modernized presentation.  Re-branding as The Jet was a no brainer and a nod to our love for Seattle’s history in aviation and airline manufacturing.”



  1. Sounds kinda boring. No more morning show. Disc jockeys make radio for me I can listen to music of my choice on my iTunes or Pandora

  2. First impression upon listening to the first day while driving around this afternoon is that it sounds an awful lot like 96.5 Jack FM now that they have added in more of the 80’s pop. I’m hopeful that this doesn’t become one of those auto-programmed stations and that they actually have radio personalities. The state of radio is getting pretty ridiculous around Seattle lately, I can’t tell you how many times I’m flipping stations and 2 stations are playing the exact same song. I don’t know if it’s that the stations are all owned by the same company or if they subscribe to similar playlists, but with all the great songs available to play I shouldn’t come across 2 stations playing the same song almost in synch.

    We shall see how The Jet does….

  3. I have been listening to KJR since I was a little kid (currently 54 years old)…and won’t be listening to the new format. There are plenty of “and more” stations. I listened to KJR for classic rock.

  4. 95.7 The Jet will feature a wider variety of music, including 70’s favorites like Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles and Heart,

    Like they didn’t play these three artist every half hour as it is…sheesh.

  5. “Firing Bob Rivers [you don’t seriously believe it was his idea do you?] and the other jocks and replacing them with low-paid help and keeping the format pretty much as it was [boring] it’s a no brainer.”

  6. It’s too bad the Bob Rivers Show has retired. I would have liked to see the other personalities continue a morning show. To change the branding from KJR to the Jet, bad move. While aviation is part of Seattle’s history, KJR radio is, as well. While expanding the playlist to include a wider variety of music from the 70’s, 80’s and more, I don’t see any inclusion of music from the 60’s. Will I hear any Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Who, Led Zeppelin, The Kinks, etc.? Based on what I’ve read from the article, probably not. I am starting to think, this ‘Format’ change was planned, way before Bob Rivers decided to retire. Bob Rivers and his Show retiring, is more of a result of this format change, and he didn’t want to continue on air of 95.7 The Jet. My decision to continue listening, will really be dependent on what kind of on air personalities you have.

    • I tend to agree with your opinion, otherwise why wouldn’t they just keep the same Disc Jockeys on board? Either Clear Channel didn’t want to pay them what they are worth as Veterans and Experts in their field, or they saw the new format and decided it wasn’t worth it to stay…Either way or both ways…Bad move Clear Channel! You are loosing dedicated Seattle Fans and devoted listeners…You shouldn’t mess with the Classic Rock Fans because time has proven that Classic Rock has staying power as the other types fade into the past. Why do you think you still see the popularity of these old Classic Rock bands in concerts, movie sound tracks, TV programs and commercials…DUH!

    • I’m having withdrawls!…Where are my Twisted Tunes? It’s our beloved Football time of year, the Seahawks and the 12th Man need all the motivation they can get just like last season’s Super Bowl Victory! Who is going to air our beloved Spike and our motivational Twisted Tunes? Seattle/Regional/Scattered fans around the world will be let down and left wanting! This is sacrilegious! We need the Rivers Crew back NOW! This is seriously not good folks! Has anyone else thought about this but me???

  7. You’re kidding me? I woke-up-got outta bed-dragged a comb across my head; turned on the NEW 95.7 Jet and hear “Get Into The Groove” by Madonna? Here’s my take-YES! GET INTO THE GROOVE The SEATTLE one, We Represent Superbowl XLVIII Champions (& The Mariners are LQQKing Great) Losing Bob Rivers & Co is JUST AS BAD as losing The SuperSonics! (ok there’s a lil redemption as I hear Arrowsmith-Dream On) HOWEVER-I WANT TO HEAR THE CHAMPIONS OF ROCK-n-ROLL! Otherwise You KJR have gone MADonna! GUFFAW & Gag me w/ a spoon!

    • I vote YES for Steve to stay and help Clear Channel get their act together! WE WANT STEVE! WE WANT STEVE! WE WANT STEVE!

  8. Gotta have Steve Slaton…if he goes, I go…I am surprised I am still tuning in to see if any personalities are being put in place…nothing yet…just boring commercials…some good Rock…some crappy Madonna type songs…how about bringing Robin and Maynard out of hiding?

    • So agree. Would Love to hear Robin and John again. Miss them
      Thought I heard Jodi was coming back with a morning show.
      That would help.

  9. Hurry and bring personality back in the a.m. – Jodi and Joe !

    I have started listen to Danny on KZOK and it is growing on me – The Jet is going to loose people !!!!

    • I agree with you Carolann! I feel my fingers wandering…setting the station more and more to KZOK…I’m not hearing the right sounds on KJR any more…I’m fading from that new airplane station as KJR becomes fainter and fainter…I might just wake up one day and forget all about …what was that radio station again?…Oh yeah The Jet…It’s getting dimmer…

  10. I listened for about fifteen minutes , after bob pushed the button to release the new show, and just couldn’t stomach anymore. The thought of you idiots rebanding kjr is outrageous. Kjr has been a fixture in seattle for as long as I can remember, over 2decades.kjr is as much a part of seattle, as is the space needle.you want good ratings? Change it back to the way it was, and give spike, joe, jodi, pedro, Luciana and erik, the morning slot.you don’t fix what isn’t broke.

  11. WHAT! KJR GONE??? It is bad enough that Bob Rivers and his crew has left the air waves of KJR and now the dynamics of my favorite radio show in the mornings is no more; But to get rid of Steve Slaton and all the other DJ’s, and change the format to what ever it is now…and it is definitely not as good as before the change…I can’t help but wonder what is Clear Channel thinking!? I am 53 years old and have been listening to KJR since it was an AM station back in the 60’s. Disc Jockeys have always been an integral part of the good local radio stations, and good ones like Bob’s crew and Steve Slaton are definitely hard to come by. Their personalities along with the music format, is what makes or breaks the stations popularity. If Clear channel doesn’t get the importance of that fact, then they are destined to ruin the ratings of whatever radio station they create. As it stands right now, “95.7 The Jet” SUCKS! I don’t like the mixture, and trying to please everyone just is alienating a steady listening group that is faithful to a certain style of music: in this case it’s “Classic Rock” from the 60’s, 70’s, and some of the 80’s. Personally, I will change to a radio station that gets that. So I guess that I will go to another familiar station like 102.5 KZOK. I hope Clear Channel will consider asking back Bob’s crew and those like Steve Slaton who are both knowledgeable, valuable, relevant, and can help format the station to its beloved former glory of Classic Rock KJR. We miss all you guys that have made Classic Rock and KJR a Seattle Icon for years. Clear Channel you would be smart to get those experts together and ask for their help, because you CLEARly don’t get their expertise and relevance to the Seattle audience. BOOOOOO to you Clear Channel for screwing this one up! This is not progress, but most definitely many steps backwards! I don’t know how most think about this, but I have seen mostly agreement with my opinion so far…Can I hear an AMEN from my devoted Brothers and Sisters of true Classic Rock out there???!!!

    • bad move people. I agree with the other commentors. you are now worthless to me, and everyone I’ve talked to so far says the same. I’m glad I have a large amount of cd’s to listen to I certainly WON’T be tuning you in. 102.5,104.5, and 92.9 are the stations I will be listening to now ( I used to listen to kjr most often ) two words “YOU SUCK !”

  12. The new 95.7 sounds more like a drone than a Jet….it was a huge mistake to change the format. Call me crazy, but I would set my alarm for 5:30 a.m. to hear the Warm-Up Show with Joe, Spike and Jodi before Bob came on (banker’s hours for Mr. Rivers!). They certainly proved they could handle a show of their own….Pedro, Luciana and Arik should be there, too! This group should not be broken up…..it’s not too late to admit you were wrong and bring back Seattle’s best morning crew.

  13. I’ve been a KJR listener for over 25 years. I Definitely don’t like the changes. Taking out The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones etc., and adding Pop from the 80’s, Yuck!!! I guess I’ll be looking for a new favorite station you just can’t replace good classic rock and roll. There’s a reason those artists can still fill stadiums today. Because it’s just great music.

  14. I was shocked when Bob announced his retirement and I was disappointed when the station announced it’s new “brand”, the Jet, and that they were changing the format. What, no sixties? Really?? I miss my morning show! What’s happening to the other members of the show? It’s making me crazy that I can’t find out. I followed the Bob Rivers Show to KJR from KZOK and now I’m going back to KZOK. Thanks for nothing, KJR, this is a fine way to treat your loyal listeners.

  15. I almost got in a car accident when I pushed the button in my car to KJR and found “The Jet”. What a sad,sad day for me and the Pacific Northwest!!! No Steve Slaton??? Well, no “Jet” for me. KZOK must be gaining listeners by the minute. Keith Cunningham, VP/Programming for Clear Channel Media and Entertainment Seattle must have listened to people who like 101.5 and 92.5 because they certainly didn’t talk to KJR listeners!! Expectations for Seattle radio have changed all right. Clear Channel obviously wants to play a bunch of crap and just expect us to listen to it. Well, that ain’t happening. I’ll take the sometimes poor reception of 104.5 KMCQ in Covington rather than listen to what the Jet has to offer. What the Hell were they thinking???

  16. I too heard on friday that Jodi was coming back. It was a tease during a commercial break. She jokes and says something like “you didn t think you could get rid of me that easy, did you? She goes on to say there wll be suprise uests but mntions o date or time, quite frankly that insults me and I do not appreciate the fact that i is hard to get any information on the future of this station and will be moving on. I am not blaming this on Jodie but rather the insensitivity of the radio station.

  17. The JET “SUCK”.
    Getting away with Steve SLATON and others was a big mistake.
    The JET has no personality, just a “ROBOT STATION” as many others.
    YES More variety is good, if you do it right BUT that is not what’s happening here, they play the same 150 songs everyday,just like before!!and added more crap.
    Well, Clear chanel, BAD, STUPID MOVE.
    Until you bring back “THE HUMAN TOUCH of LIVE DJs and specifically STEVE SLATON, with his fun contests,his knowledge of music AND his kindness to listeners, THE JET will keep loosing audience.
    For me I switched to 104.5 at least they have a much better variety !!.

  18. A radio station with no DJs — I guess their target demographic is the approximately 3 people in Seattle who don’t know how to select ‘shuffle’ on an MP3 player. I won’t be listening to 95.7 any more until Jodi’s show starts (whenever that may be).

  19. You have lost a long-time listener. In the morning I prefer the talk, not the music. When I want music, I do not want the elevator music programming. It is lifeless. How dare you try to copy what other stations are doing. You had a good thing going. We have too many channels with the same format. Jody in the morning will not bring me back.

  20. THIS STATION SUCKS! There are 2-3 other stations playing the same format. Bring back the morning crew (minus Bob of course). We want Jodi and Joe!!!!

  21. I’ve given it 3 weeks of listening. Very bland. Even my 19 year old daughter thinks it is “less than white noise” background music. Too bad. It was a mainstay for many years. Time to move on.

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