99X flips to Active Rock


Just two days after Clear Channel flipped Active Rock WKLS (Project 9-6-1) to Top 40 “Power 96.1,” Cumulus’ Alternative W255CJ-FM (99X at 98.9) (also WWWQ-HD2) has flipped to Active Rock “98.9 The Bone”.

“We are the saviors of rock,” John Dickey, Cumulus COO, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “We ran Clear Channel out of format. We are going to save rock for all Atlantans.” He noted that they picked up the Regular Guys after 96rock dumped them. “Clear Channel tried to kill off rock. We’re going to save it.”

The station made the switch at noon Saturday with references to Green Day, Offspring, Linkin Park and Godsmack. The first song was Volbeat’s “Warrior’s Call.”

Keep in mind, the low power signal at 98.9 will not be covering the range of powerhouse 96 Rock. For those with HD Radios, the coverage should be better with Cumulus’ WWWQ-HD2. No word if Cumulus will bring back 99X in any form yet. Alternative listeners left without a station may want to tune to Georgia State’s 100-kW WRAS-FM and Georgia Tech’s 100-kW WREK-FM.


  1. Save rock? Um… they have Rock100.5. Hopefully 99x will be reborn on that signal so I can listen to “99x” in a bigger range!

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