HC2 Abandons DirecTV Music City Must-Carry Fight

Six months ago, HC2 Station Group became the owner of WJFB-44 in Nashville. The company wanted to make sure it got mandatory coverage across all TV service platforms in the Music City. So, it filed a Must-Carry complaint against DirecTV. Now, it has given up the fight.

Radio Industry Leader Herb McCord Dies

In the 1970s, he was GM of "The Big 8". The 1980s saw him in a key role at Greater Media. The first half of the 1990s saw him as the owner of a radio broadcasting company that in 1996 would cash out with its sale to Infinity Broadcasting. Today, the media world is paying its respects to the late Herb McCord.

Nadler Prepares To Introduce ‘STELAR’ Successor In House

On Nov. 6, the "STAR" act made its unofficial debut in the Senate. On Monday, a New York Congressman put the wheels in motion on a likely introduction of what's being called the Satellite Television Community Protection and Promotion Act of 2019—companion legislation with a slightly different tone. 
Kids watching TV

Suspended: TV KidVid Reports

Head's up, over-the-air television broadcasters: After Dec. 17, you will no longer be able to amend existing or file new quarterly children's television programming reports. Notification from the FCC's Media Bureau came late Friday.

NAB / National Association of Broadcasters

NAB Launches ‘Broadcast Essentials’ Education Program

The NAB is introducing a new online educational program for radio and television stations that's designed to help new station employees in small and medium markets navigate the industry "with the knowledge, tools and resources needed to succeed."

A Veteran Broker Opens AM, FM Appraisal Firm

After 41 years as a media broker, capped by a five-year stint as a partner and Director at Media Services Group, Bill Cate has opted to launch a new division of a longtime company he's owned that will focus specifically on radio station appraisals.

A Big Houston Noncomm Gifted Another Stick

When it comes to regional Religious powerhouses, a rapidly growing Class C noncomm in one of America’s largest markets has demonstrated prowess. It’s added stations to its family, and is now a formidable network. Now, it is being handed another property from a Louisiana church.

Tar Heel Take From Public Radio ‘Friends’

At 94.1 MHz in the North Carolina city of Lumberton is an FM translator that has been relaying the programming of WHQR Public Media to this small community along I-95, to the south of Fayetteville. That’s about to change. A sale of the translator to a different NPR Member has been consummated.

Pallone, Doyle To Probe FCC?

Expect a potentially cantankerous Congressional hearing come December 5. That's when the House Subcommittee on Communications and Technology will conduct an FCC oversight hearing. The session could feature much finger-pointing from subcommittee chairman Mike Doyle (pictured).

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A SLC AM Exits Kona Coast

Vic Michael's Kona Coast Radio has decided to part ways with a Salt Lake City-market AM and its unbuilt FM translator, which will eventually be licensed to the city of Bluffdale, Utah. Who's the buyer of this 1kw Class C with 1 tower?

Lilly’s Dual Network Delivery To The Virgin Islands

Brian and Kevin Lilly's Erie, Pa.-based Lilly Broadcasting has closed on its acquisition of an over-the-air station serving the U.S. Virgin Islands. As such, religious programming airing on the main broadcast channel is gone. But, the ABC Caribbean feed remains, as CBS is added.

Sinclair Stock Slips On Stephens Swipe

Sinclair Broadcast Group shares dipped below $37 a share in Tuesday's trading after investment house Stephens slashed its price target on the media company's stock. Why? It is concerned about Sinclair's acquisition of regional sports networks (RSNs) from Fox.

Wearable Tech: Broadcast Media’s Next Leap Pad?

Wearable tech continues to gather pace, building an ecosystem of connected devices designed to capture consumer attention to the tune of $108 billion by 2023, a new industry report from Futuresource Consulting finds. What does this mean for over-the-air media such as radio and television? Is there opportunity?

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The Auto Dealer Month-End Surge Starts

It's nearing the end of yet another month, and you know what that means? Automotive dealer associations are likely ready to ramp up their advertising across traditional media in the hopes of scoring a new sale or lease by November 30. For spot television, one auto brand is already at it.
CVS Pharmacy

Radio’s CVS: A Convenient Vehicle For Sales

CVS, the pharmacy that seems to be just about everywhere, is now among the top brands using Radio to reach new and returning customers. It's thanks to a new campaign that puts the chain well above its category peers in the latest Media Monitors Spot Ten Radio report.

Wireless Connectivity, Via Spot Cable

T-Mobile is no longer alone as a brand in the wireless services category that's decided to invest in Spot Cable to reach consumers. Verizon is now on the Media Monitors Spot Ten Cable report, thanks to a new campaign that began last week.

TV Bill Markup Held For A Day

Tuesday was set to be a wildly busy day for the House Energy & Commerce Committee. No less than 18 bills were on the docket for markup. The goal was a bit overambitious. As such, the full Committee markup reconvenes today, with the "Television Viewer Protection Act" up for review.

Internet and digital news for the broadcasting industry.

Another Repack Milestone For GatesAir

With the television industry's post-spectrum auction repack process humming along, GatesAir in October earned a notable achievement: The company shipped its 400th repack transmitter. And, it expects to surpass 500 transmitter shipments by the end of 2019.

A Reborn TV Station’s Master Control Move

Six months ago, a Columbia, S.C., television station was notified that it would lose its affiliation with The CW Network after 5 1/2 years. The change came on Sept. 30, and to help WKTC on its next chapter in its 22-year history, the locally owned station contracted NVerzion to help in the transition.

A Sixth-Generation AoIP Console Arrives From Telos

Broadcast audio consortium The Telos Alliance has formally debuted the latest edition of the Axia Quasar AoIP console for U.S. consumers. The unveiling came at the recent Midwest Broadcast & Multimedia Technology Conference (formerly known as Ohio Broadcast & Multimedia Technology Conference) at the Greater Columbus Convention Center.