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Jordan Wertlieb

Hearst Television Leader Selected as Forecast 2023 TV Chair

The individual who oversees Hearst Television has been selected to serve as the Television Industry Chair for the broadcast media industry's most prestigious leadership conference, Forecast 2023, scheduled for November 16 at the Harvard Club in Midtown Manhattan.

Gray Breaks Ground On Mississippi Media Training Center

An effort to bring more diversity and inclusion to the broadcast television industry by attracting students from historically Black institutions of higher learning across Mississippi has taken its first step forward. It involves Gray Television, and one of its TV stations serving Jackson, Miss.

NEXTGEN TV’s Voluntary Rollout Wagon Rolls On

The two biggest cities in Northwest Louisiana, separated by the Red River, have become the latest to gain access to ATSC 3.0-delivered NEXTGEN TV signals. As such, better sound and improved picture are in hand for the few who have NEXTGEN TV-capable television sets in the Shreveport DMA.

SCOTUS Says No To Relook Of Key Warren Court Libel Case

The landmark 1964 "New York Times v. Sullivan" Supreme Court decision established libel laws for journalists in the U.S. A 2017 challenge set the stage for a possible review of the case by the nation's highest judicial arbiters. But, the Supreme Court has declined to consider the case — even though Justice Clarence Thomas believes it was warranted.

Broadcast Media Advocates Get Quick Buzz Over Pot Spot Advancement

As far as Congress is concerned, it's only an advancement of committee-approved legislation — with two amendments — that will now see a full vote in the U.S. House. Yet, as far as the broadcast media industry is concerned, it's a major step forward toward securing the ability to air cannabis advertising.

Steve Berger [Photo: Kevin Carter/Radio and Music Pros]

Former Nationwide Leader Steve Berger Dies

On January 1, 1989, he rose from VP/Radio to President of Nationwide Communications, after nearly seven years in his previous leadership role. Some eight years radio, he'd retire from broadcasting, as Nationwide agreed to a $620 million sale of its 17 stations to iHeartMedia predecessor Jacor Broadcasting. Now, radio industry leaders are paying tribute to Steve Berger, who has died at the age of 78.
NAB President/CEO Curtis Legeyt

The InFOCUS Podcast: Curtis LeGeyt

In a keynote address delivered last week at the Hispanic Radio Conference attendees, NAB President/CEO Curtis LeGeyt shared how the association will be working in Washington with a “non-siloed approach,” asking one question as it advocates on every single issue – economic viability for radio and TV. That’s where we begin in this InFOCUS Podcast, presented by dot.FM. LISTEN HERE

A Siriusly Big Addition to Comcast’s Entertainment Platforms

It's an app that delivers upward of 425 SiriusXM channels. And it is now available to tens of millions of Comcast customers nationwide — a big content expansion effort for the nation's satellite radio service.
Robert Corn-Revere DWT

The InFOCUS Podcast: Robert Corn-Revere

What would the implications on U.S. broadcast media be if The New York Times v. Sullivan, a 9-0 opinion of the Warren Court, were to be struck down? We learn more in this InFOCUS Podcast, presented by dot.FM, from Davis Wright Tremaine Partner Robert Corn-Revere in the wake of the Supreme Court's decision not to revisit the landmark 1964 case. LISTEN HERE

Wall Street Worries Rise for Audacy Shares

Its stock bears a one-year target price of $3.25. On March 25, that seemed like an attainable goal for Audacy Corp. Since then, however, its stock has suffered a slump that hasn't ceased. In fact, Audacy shares have been priced this low only once since October 2008.
Gordon Borrell

Borrell’s Spring Local Advertiser Survey: Digital Nearing Broadcast Buys

The results from Borrell Associates' Spring 2022 Local Advertiser Survey have been shared, and here's the big takeaway: the percentage of ad agencies buying broadcast TV and radio tops that of every other form of media. But, online and digital media are very close behind.
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KKHR, Two Other Properties, Head to New Owner

From late August 1983 through the summer of 1986, "Hitradio 93" KKHR served Los Angeles with Top 40 music. Today, the KKHR call letters belong to an Abilene, Tex., 50,000-watt FM that's in the news today because it's being sold — along with two siblings — to a local operation led by Rodney Amonett.

NBCU Boasts Of A ‘Record-Breaking’ Upfront

The owner of Peacock, NBC, Telemundo and a host of cable TV networks has shared details of its 2022-2023 global, national and local Upfront. In short, NBCUniversal couldn't be prouder, as its brags of "the impact, value and scale" its tech-enabled "One Platform" trading model has brought to the Comcast-owned media unit. 
Brad Moses

Moses On the Maumee: A WTVG Return As GM

Chris Fedele recently became GM of WPTA-TV and WISE-TV in Fort Wayne, Ind. This opened up a succession opportunity at the Gray Television-owned sibling Federle most recent led. The new GM at that station, in Toledo, Ohio, has been named. It's an individual quite familiar with the ABC affiliate serving the city on the banks of the Maumee River.
The view from Baha Mar, in Nassau

South Beach Snub: NATPE Ditches Miami for Baha Mar

Today, NATPE Miami is dead. But, it was believed that a Hollywood affair was its replacement event. It turns out that this is untrue, as NATPE is moving to the Bahamas for 2023 — selecting dates used in the past for the South Florida affair.

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‘Precision Healthcare’ Audiences Come to Broadcast Radio

It's known for connecting "privacy-safe AI-generated audiences" for healthcare marketing. And, it's just announced a strategic partnership with the nation's largest audio content creation and distribution company.

The Future Viewing Experience: A Global Outlook

What does the future viewing experience look like? That was the subject of a globally delivered webinar presented on Wednesday by the data analytics and media research company.

Jingles All The Way: A Library of American Broadcasting Spotlight

From Alka Seltzer's "Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz" to soft drink sing-alongs, commercial jingles have a long history on radio and television in the U.S. Now, the Library of American Broadcasting is paying tribute to decades of commercial prowess with a special virtual exhibit.
Shawn Craft, of WWGH-LPFM in Marion, Ohio

FCC ALJ To Ohio LPFM Licensee: Lawyer Up, Or You’re Out

The licensee of WWGH-LPFM in Marion, Ohio, must obtain legal counsel to represent its owner, Marion Education Exchange, in an ongoing License Revocation Hearing taking place at the FCC. If not, it will automatically forfeit its license. The LPFM came under scrutiny for apparent misrepresentation of its board members in paperwork submitted to the Commission. One woman with 20% voting interest was deceased.

Internet and digital news for the broadcasting industry.

ENCO Empowers Captioning for Veterans Affairs

Since successfully piloting an ENCO captioning solution, the VHA Employee Education System (EES) has deployed the company’s enCaption automated captioning system to achieve the department’s goal of increasing productivity, reducing time to market for its products and services while continuing to deliver accurate captioning services.

Bain Capital Teams With Nextalia SGR On Deltatre Deal

Bain Capital is known across the radio industry for its dollar ties to such entities as Cherry Creek Radio and, famously, as one of the top investors in iHeartMedia predecessor Clear Channel Communications. Now, Bain has teamed with Nextalia SGR to acquire a top sports and entertainment technology provider from Bruin Capital.

AVID’s Trade Show Return Comes With IBC 2022

Noting the improved global conditions related to COVID-19, including the safe and effective execution of recent trade shows, Avid will host an IBC2022 exhibition floor stand to feature its latest innovations in cloud-based production and remote collaboration for media creation teams in film and television.