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Upper Body Of Congress OK’s 2020 Funding, STELAR Bills

The U.S. Senate midday Thursday passed the omnibus spending bill that includes STELAR legislation and incorporates reforms to end hidden cable fees. These reforms will go into effect six months after President Trump signs the bill into law, unless the FCC grants a six-month extension.

With STELAR Done, An ‘Outdated Law’ Is Sunset

The federal government's FY2020 Appropriations Act needs Senate approval by the end of the week to avert a shutdown, and it is likely. As such, STELA legislation championed by the House Energy & Commerce Committee is set to become law. Retiring Committee Ranking Member Greg Walden is pleased.

‘STELAR’ Bills Included In Approved House ’20 Appropriations Plan

In a largely anticipated move, provisions related to the soon-to-sunset Satellite Television Extension and Localism Act Reauthorization (STELAR) have been included in what's formally titled the Further Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2020. It passed the House on Tuesday and now needs Senate approval by Friday to avoid a government shutdown.

Congress and STELAR Reauthorization: What’s Next

At the center of the dispute is STELAR’s compulsory license, which permits satellite providers to retransmit some broadcast signals at regulated prices without consent. Cutting to the chase, Phoenix Center's Chief Economist asks if broadcasters should charge whatever retransmission fee the market will bear.

A STELAR Start To Telecoms Symposium

STELAR: To Re-authorize or To Let Expire? That is the question that panelists participating in Phoenix Center's 19th annual U.S. Telecoms Symposium on December 3 will be answering.

Nadler Prepares To Introduce ‘STELAR’ Successor In House

On Nov. 6, the "STAR" act made its unofficial debut in the Senate. On Monday, a New York Congressman put the wheels in motion on a likely introduction of what's being called the Satellite Television Community Protection and Promotion Act of 2019—companion legislation with a slightly different tone. 

House Communications, Tech Subcommittee OK’s STELAR Successor

The "Television Viewer Protection Act" has taken one small step forward in getting a full vote in the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives. The affirmative vote came despite calls from retiring House E&C minority leader Greg Walden to allow STELAR to sunset as scheduled at year's end.

Wicker Waits On STELAR As House Preps Thursday Hearing

Senate Commerce Committee Chairman Roger Wicker postponed a vote scheduled for Wednesday on the Satellite Television Access Reauthorization (STAR) Act. Perhaps he's yielding to the lower body of Congress to see what the House Subcommittee on Communications and Technology has to say about the bill on Thursday.

A ‘STAR’ Move For STELAR In the U.S. Senate

In a move that will certainly upset broadcast media leaders including Emily Barr and the NAB, Republican Sen. Roger Wicker of Mississippi has moved forward with the introduction of the "Satellite Television Access Reauthorization" (STAR) Act's introduction in the upper body of Congress.

A Senate GOP Leader Seeks STELAR Sunset

Lindsey Graham has jumped into the fray over the pending expiration of the Satellite Television Extension and Localism Act Reauthorization (STELAR) Act by signaling his opposition to the Act's reauthorization. But, he's seeking its end by proposing a market alternative.

A STELAR Retrans Wrangling On Capitol Hill

"The World Series is on TV. I watched it last night," Sen. Jon Tester noted Wednesday during the Senate Commerce Committee's STELAR reauthorization hearing. But, at his Montana farm, the FOX station airing the games is "blacked out" on DirecTV. This set the stage for a lively debate on retrans consent failures.

Graham CEO’s Goal: STELAR Reauthorization Barred

Emily Barr, the Graham Media Group CEO and the NAB's Television Board Chair, wants Congress to abandon any thoughts on STELAR reauthorization. "Local broadcasters continue to believe that STELAR should expire at the end of this year, as Congress intended," she told key Senators on Wednesday.

Senators Get An Earful On STELAR Pros and Cons

One of the thorniest issues involving broadcast TV, the reauthorization of the Satellite Television Extension and Localism Act, was the main subject at a Senate Commerce Committee hearing held Wednesday on Capitol Hill. A Senate Commerce Committee hearing examining policy considerations for STELAR's continuation were front and center.

A ‘STELAR’ Session Ahead For Wicker & Co.

Mark your calendar for Wednesday, Oct. 23, at 10am. That's when debate and discussion among America's top lawmakers on the highly contentious Satellite Television Extension and Localism Act (STELAR) will commence. Can fireworks be expected?

NAB Calls Out AT&T on ‘Misleading’ STELAR Messaging

In a letter to AT&T Chairman/CEO Randall Stephenson, NAB leader Gordon Smith addressed a "misleading campaign" from the owner of DirecTV, U-Verse and AT&T TV NOW warning unaffected viewers they are at risk of losing TV channels if Congress does not reauthorize STELAR.

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