A Big Radio Broadcaster Inks A Multiplatform Ad Sync Tech Deal


The technology company founded by Joe Harb in 2007 devoted to the monetization of RDS in-car radio station displays has just inked a multi-year deal with the publicly traded owner of radio stations offering a mix of spoken word and non-secular music formats.

That would be Salem Media Group, which will be bringing multi-sensory marketing capabilities delivered via QUU to 28 FM radio stations in 17 markets.

The deal, QUU says, will allow local radio stations owned by Salem to attract additional revenue through the enhancement of over-the-air advertisements with such things as client logos and text on desktop, mobile and auto dashboard platforms.

The agreement, the company adds, gives Salem “a complete 360-degree visual and audio-based advertiser experience for clients and listeners.”

“Radio continues to provide the best audio content in the world,” said Dave Santrella, President of Broadcast Media at Salem Media Group. “We serve our communities at an unmatched level and engage with our audiences like no other medium, but, radio needs to improve the user experience so that we look as good as we sound. QUU provides Salem with the opportunity to do just that. We could not be more pleased or excited to begin providing our listeners with more information and greater engagement with our partners and advertisers on a platform that will look as good as the content we offer sounds.”