A ‘Brand Safety Tool’ for CTV Arrives


Here’s a first, according to DoubleVerify: Inclusion & Exclusion lists for CTV.

It’s thanks to a new tool that allows brands to target, or avoid, specific CTV apps.

It’s yet another must-read for broadcast TV stations struggling with ways to offer addressable advertising solutions for its clients.

The advancements come courtesy of DoubleVerify, a software platform for digital media measurement, data and analytics.

DoubleVerify is calling the inclusion/exclusion lists the industry’s first Connected TV (CTV) brand safety solution, and they advance the company’s offerings for advertisers across all environments — a demand that’s only increased in volume in recent months.

“This solution brings new transparency to CTV and offers advertisers three important controls over their CTV buys,” DoubleVerify says. “With inclusion and exclusion lists, advertisers and brands can align inventory and brand suitability requirements by targeting or avoiding specific CTV apps; they can monitor delivery reporting to measure campaign quality and identify infractions; and they can optimize campaigns in-flight and refine future strategies.”

As DoubleVerify sees it, app-level controls on CTV have previously posed a challenge, due to the complex way in which the channel gathers app and content-level data. “Today, app information is frequently not passed on to sellers and, when shared, it’s done so in the form of Bundle IDs – which lack standardization,” it says.

In fact, DoubleVerify found that only 23% of CTV auctions have app names that adhere to IAB conventions. “Also, sellers do not provide content-level data in any automated or verified format,” it notes. “Although buyers may receive a post-campaign summary list, this typically details a subset of the programs their campaign ran across, with no guarantee of accuracy or volume.”

Earlier this year, DV began addressing the lack of transparency in CTV with the launch of a new transparency and reporting solution for CTV inventory. DV’s reporting solution maps app names across platforms and devices and normalizes them per IAB standards to give buyers full transparency and accurate data on where their CTV campaigns have run. Upon launching this solution, more than 6,000 apps were mapped across leading industry platforms.