A commentary on the upcoming beer wars


Had to smile when I read the headline, "Anheuser-Busch to go against microbrews" in this morning’s RBR.

So Goliath plans to put David in his place by beating David’s friends over the head with a hundred million bucks. What’s the plan – to inflict sufficient brain damage to render these pitiable consumers incapable of differentiating between  an interesting micro and an insipid industrial brew?

One wonders, since the small craft breweries don’t have A-B’s deep pockets, which of them (or perhaps a microbrewers’ alliance) will be first to leverage A-B’s millions to their own advantage. These days, it doesn’t take much of a stone to penetrate whole cloth.  The reason many beer lovers prefer micros – and are willing to pay even more for them – has nothing to do with advertising and everything to do with the product itself.   

Maybe Goliath and David should discuss the situation over a tall cool one – at David’s place.

Rod Schwartz, Beer Drinker (with dinner) and Ad Guy
Pullman, WA