A drawback of social media: divorce


Television has famously created football widows during the fall months, and many
Americans heard Tammy Wynette address the topic of “D-I-V-O-R-C-E” over the radio, but internet social media outlets such as Facebook are said to be leading to actual divorces.

According to an article in The Hindu, there are numerous ways sites like this are breaking up marriages.
For starters, they significantly broaden the pool of possible replacement mates beyond those readily available to the average married individual. And even more dangerously, they often reconnect old flames.

Further, such sites often make it possible for the soon-to-be-abandoned spouse to find out just what’s going on. And they don’t even have to be the one that seeks out or stumbles upon the evidence. Often, it comes from a friend, co-worker, family member or offspring.

The upshot is that already, divorce lawyers are frequently using and defending against evidence gathered on such sites.

RBR-TVBR observation: It’s the double-edged sword of interactivity – the ability to bring the narratives of songs like “You Picked a Fine Time to Leave Me, Lucille” to life in the real world.