A few reflections on Traffic Director's Day!


November 2 is Traffic Director’s Day: The mark of a true Broadcast Professional is consistently performing at a higher level, or simply knowing where to go to find answers, guidance or ideas. That sums up many of the resources provided by participating in projects like those offered by TDGA. When you’re asked to help find what’s going on in Traffic Software, for example; do you remember that hundreds of traffic “pro’s” annually share their opinions on scores of different systems they use day-in and day-out? They do it collectively to help you find the hot buttons or red flags. TDGA, as a neutral association, pools the data so you’re seeing a consensus of viewpoints instead of one or two people “cherry-picked” by a sales rep to hear only the best possible reports on the product.

Participation and Sharing pays off, by presenting a regularly updated reflection of software meeting the needs of Radio or TV Stations. That’s a highly valuable asset in a world of rapidly changing technology. TDGA admits that our best accomplishments frequently come from sharing what we’ve learned with others. We can point to Salary Surveys, Q&A sessions, and a host of projects and articles from what we lovingly call our “panel of experts.” By the way, that “panel” includes thousands of members at the largest networks, both commercial and non-commercial, Stations in hometown communities and clusters of small, medium, large and major markets, and nearly every Radio & TV Network in the U.S.A.

How proud I am to be part of our profession.

Add to that a pool of standby professional in broadcast law, software development teams, code writers and many of the most creative minds in Sales, Management and Programming all pooling that expertise for the “common good.” Sharing ideas and solutions, enhancing our unique profession is actually what TDGA’s mission is all about.

Over the next few months, we’ll gather the input of the “movers and shakers” at standalones, combos and clusters. We’ll celebrate Traffic Director’s Day (November 2nd), as we move farther away from those seeking a free-ride and drawing ever closer to the “inner circle” of Professionals linked to Traffic via Continuity, Operations, Sales, Business Managers, and all levels of Management at Corporate, State Associations and our ancillary partners from the equipment and legal industries.

Take note, if you will, of the names, call letters or corporate giants that will be taking part in the TDGA Class of 2011. The biggest, the best in every category, titled position and marketplace within Broadcasting are making the commitment. Despite our incredible growth in the coming year, the cornerstone of our association remains the men and women, frequently tucked away in a back office or cubicle creating the perfect log reflecting the hard work and skill of programmers, marketers, promotion, production and technicians creating the diverse formats with content to inform and entertain a world of demographic groups.

How proud I am to be part of our shared profession. In the event, you hear a few “chuckles” coming from far corners of the Station when “Traffic Director’s Day” is mentioned (and, to be sure, there may be still be a few from the uninformed, down the hallway), allow me to say “Thank you” for all you do on a daily basis to make SO MANY, look SO GOOD.
Larry Keene, CEO / CTD (Certified Traffic Director
TDGA – Traffic Directors Guild of America
[email protected]