A First Step Toward Secure ATSC 3.0 TV Services


Pearl TV has reached an agreement with Eonti and DigiCert to provide a secure Industry Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to safeguard transmissions between a broadcast station and receiving devices.

The system will be as seamless to the viewing public as accessing a secure website, Pearl TV promises.

As part of the agreement, Eonti (as the management authority) and DigiCert (as the certification authority) will issue X.509 certificates and operate an online certificate status protocol responder — both of which conform to the ATSC 3.0 Security Standard for Next-Gen TV.

“The television industry needs a secure platform, and the American public needs a television system that is secure and dependable, in particular to protect emergency alerting and accessibility features. This system will secure our transmissions and operate as easily for the public as accessing a website. Pearl is pleased to support the launch of a PKI on behalf of the industry to support cryptographically signed applications and ATSC 3.0 signaling tables as per the Next-Gen TV standard’s A/360 specification,“ said Anne Schelle, Pearl TV Managing Director.

“We have been preparing for the commercial launch of ATSC 3.0 services by working with Eonti and DigiCert for the past 18 months to design and test the various certificates types, as well as the supporting Online Certificate Status Protocol Responder infrastructure. This is a critical step in securing the broadcast signals, allowing ATSC 3.0 receiving devices to verify the authenticity of the transmission and protecting the American public against security threats such as man-in-the-middle attacks,” Schelle explained.

“Eonti is honored and extremely excited to be part of this compelling service and is committed to providing a strong foundation for the digital certificate issuance required to secure transmission between Next-Gen TV services,” said Oscar Marcia, CEO and President of Eonti, Inc.

“DigiCert is pleased to have earned the trust of Pearl TV and the television industry,” said Deepika Chauhan, EVP of Emerging Markets at DigiCert. “Working with Eonti and Pearl TV, we are excited about contributing our proven PKI solutions to the overall security of Next-Gen TV services for the broadcasters, for the TV manufacturers, and for the public.”

The new PKI is being used as part of the Phoenix Model Market and is currently available to broadcasters for test purposes. Commercial availability is expected in the coming months.