A Former iHeart Sales Pro Takes On Client Consulting


For close to two decades, Sam Nein was a fixture at iHeartRadio’s Tampa-St. Petersburg station group, most recently serving as President and Market Manager.

He departed at the start of 2018, and has now resurfaced as a key player in an advertising consulting group squarely focused on broadcast media — and demonstrating to clients why radio and TV deliver strong ROI.

Nein has joined forces with David Maus, the owner of New Port Richey Nissan, Crystal River Nissan and Maus Media Group, and is taking a dual leadership role as President of Maus Media Group and as founder and president of Power Play Media.

In a conversation with RBR+TVBR, Nein describes both as part of an advertising consulting group, specializing in marketing and sales operations.

“Maus Media Group and Power Play Media will be engaged in working with clients in building their businesses and brands primarily through broadcast radio and television,” he says. “While digital marketing will a part of what we offer, broadcast radio and television are at the core of our DNA.”

With more and more advertisers “fleeing” traditional media for new media and local digital solutions, Nein wants traditional media vendors to know that Maus Media Group and Power Play “still believe in the reach, power and influence” that UHF, VHF, AM and FM bring.

“We are investing in resources and data that will give us the ability for radio and TV to provide better attribution or visibility into what is really driving client results and what isn’t. That’s something that digital does a better job of and that, historically, traditional media has not.”

The partnership between Nein’s Power Play and Maus Media was forged thanks to their long-standing relationship that pre-dates Nein’s roles at iHeart and predecessor Clear Channel in Tampa.

“David has been a client and very close friend of mine dating back to 2001, when we were both in Orlando,” Nein said. “He is a brilliant marketer. His brand is iconic in Central Florida. David and I have always worked very well together and I am very excited about our new partnership.”

Maus added, “Sam played an important role in helping me to successfully launch and build my brands in both Orlando and Tampa. Now we get to combine our experience and passion to drive results for our strategic partners.”

Maus Media will remain based in Orlando, while Nein and his Power Play Media will be located in Tampa.