A Gannett return to radio?


Don’t count on anything happening soon – if ever – but with acquisition prices beaten down across all types of media, Gannett CEO Craig Dubow isn’t ruling anything out. His primary focus, Dubow noted, is strategic acquisitions in digital. He’s also interested in good TV duopolies and consolidation opportunities in newspapers.

“Would you get into another medium, like radio for instance, or would you just stick to your knitting in terms of [TV] broadcasting and newspaper?” asked one analyst. “You know, I think at this point, as we always do, we would be open to looking at anything, but we want to stay in these kind of volatile times and within these markets to ‘what is it we do best?’ – and that I think is quite clear in how we can run these operations and certainly the expansion into the digital platforms,” Dubow said. Gannett sold its last five radio stations in 1997.