A Good Reason To Get In The Podcasting Game Now


Still thinking about why podcasting opportunities may or may not be smart for you or your business? Getting the perfect perspective from veteran radio broadcaster-turned-podcast executive Steve Goldstein may be just what’s needed to spark an investment in the hot on-demand audio sector.

Goldstein will be sharing his thoughts on Tuesday, July 19, as the two-day virtual How to Make Real Money Podcasting conference hosted by Streamline Publishing begins.

As founder of amplifi Media, Goldstein is a recognized leader in audio programming, marketing, and management, having developed scores of successful radio brands around the country. His sharp focus on cultural and demographic trends led to the creation of innovative radio formats and strong brands for significant broadcast companies including ABC and NBC. Now, Goldstein brings his expertise and knowledge to you during his session: The Perfective Perspective!

In this session, attendees will hear how Goldstein has helped young broadcasters grow into big success stories. He’ll share his knowledge on what podcasters need to accomplish to have that next big-money-making podcast.

Hosted by Radio Ink & Podcast Business Journal editor Ed Ryan, this two-day virtual event features the top experts in podcasting sharing strategies any podcaster can implement.

“Money is pouring into the podcasting space, and great content creators want their fair share of that growing pile of cash,” Ryan says. “On July 19 and 20, we’ll pick the brains of 20 of the most successful, money-making podcasters in the country — and a few from the UK. They will reveal their secrets.”

Registration is now open and includes replays of the two-day event.
The complete agenda can be found online.