A Great One Minute Idea


Window Replacement Companies

By Paul Weyland

Situation: In tough economic times people may not be able to move into a new home. So why not make the place you’re currently living as pleasant as possible?  Window companies operate at about a 40 percent gross margin of profit.  Average sale could be $3,500-$5,000.  How many new sales would you have to bring that company to justify your measly little $6,000 weekly schedule on your station? Window replacement companies typically spend most of their money in the Yellow Pages or in the newspaper.

Objective: To help consumers rationalize emotional needs.  Emotional: Aluminum windows make your house look so dated, so late’70s, early ’80s. Newer European style windows look so much better from the street and from the inside looking out.  Rational: However, new windows also insulate so much better than the single-pane aluminum variety. And I don’t just mean heating and cooling insulation.  When I moved into my new house I never realized that in reality I was moving into BARKING HOUND VILLAGE. Barking dogs kept me up at night.  But with the new double-paned windows I could now sleep through the night.  And something else I noticed was that I wasn’t awakened as often because the heater or AC weren’t coming on as often. Why?  Better insulation.  How about cleaning?  New European style windows open up all the way so I can easily clean both sides, even on the second story. And who likes cleaning blinds?  Some new windows have blinds between the two panes so I never have to dust blinds again. Sell the sizzle. Give people plenty of good, pretzel logic ammunition to help justify emotional wants.

Strategy: Use testimonial advertising year-round (no read scripts) from real customers who love their new windows. Their enthusiasm will create desire in other people with similar problems.

(Source: Paul Weyland is a speaker, trainer, author and consultant. He can be reached at www.paulweyland.com or at (+) 512 236 1222)

RBR/TVBR observation: Agree with Paul on this one minute drill for window replacement. Anywhere in the country this is the time of the year to do this work. Also with the economy you will find many independent small companies with name brands that will install at no charge.

Once you have the window replacement on air the next place the sales rep should head for are the window treatments dealers such as Budget Blinds. These brand name firms are independent dealers and have budgets to spend but rarely know how to increase their business. This effort goes hand in hand. Installing new windows then dressing it up with new window treatments.  Last reminder: Use your website with video for testimonials of the dealer and a few of their customers. It works.
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