A ‘Happy’ Deal In Matagorda County, Texas


Between the Texas cities of Galveston and Victoria is Bay City, and Matagorda County. Here, a Class C3 facility designed to make people feel good is being sold.

The buyer is already giving this FM a little “TLC,” and it’s our top deal in TRANSACTIONS TODAY for July 5, 2018.

Tomlinson-Leis Communications has carved a niche in the Lone Star State as a specialist in radio, web, streaming, social media and events marketing. As “TLC Media,” Tomlinson-Leis has operated three FMs and an AM, along with an FM translator, in Markham, Tex., and in Palestine, Tex., just to the southwest of Tyler.

Among these stations is KKHA-FM 92.5, marketed to Matagorda County as “Happy Radio 92.5.”

This Class C3 18kw facility is being assigned to Globecom Media, a Texas limited liability company wholly controlled by Mark Porter.

Porter is obtaining KKHA for $150,000, with a $500 deposit already made to TLC.

Serving as the exclusive broker in this transaction, representing Tomlinson-Leis, is Bill Whitley of Media Services Group.

Legal counsel in this deal was Wray Fitch of Gammon & Grange P.C. , representing the seller, and Kathleen Victory of Fletcher Heald & Hildreth , representing the buyer.



  • David H. Greenlee is purchasing FM translator W231DM at 94.1 MHz in Lancaster, Ky., from Sonia Lynn Read for $6,000. A 50% deposit has been made. Greenlee is the owner of Class D WZXI-AM in Lancaster, Ky., serving an area south of Lexington.