A Huge Week For GEICO At Spot Cable



That’s the only word we can come with to best describe how strong GEICO is with respect to its spot-on devotion to cable TV viewers.

Even with JCPenney investing in a new holiday-themed campaign that also sees a bump in spot radio activity, GEICO was the big No. 1 in the latest Media Monitors Spot Ten Cable report, thanks to 74,650 spots detected by the iHeart-owned service.

No. 2 JCPenney accounted for 45,236 spots for the week ending Nov. 10, 2019.

Two other retailers had a big week, too: Target, and Walmart.

And, GEICO saw just one competitor in the cable Spot Ten: Liberty Mutual Insurance. 

Meanwhile, Amazon.com is No. 10 on the Spot Ten Cable report with a brand-new effort.