A King-Sized Ad Move At Cable TV


by Diana Stokey, Media Monitors

It’s been about seven months, but there’s a flame-broiled QSR that is once again actively using spot cable to reach viewers and consumers

Meanwhile, a wireless services company has powered itself into the latest Media Monitors Cable Spot Ten report, as has one of the two big national home-improvement retailers.

For the week ending Nov. 19, Burger King finds itself at No. 3, thanks to the placement of 33,534 spots at the cable TV networks tracked by Media Monitors.

By comparison, BK was No. 1 in early April thanks to the placement of 40,216 spots.

And, like in April, Taco Bell is the only other QSR using spot cable.

Meanwhile, T-Mobile jumps into the Spot Ten with a No. 7 finish, while Lowe’s is back in with a new effort, placing at No. 9.

Here’s the latest Spot Ten Cable chart, in full: