A Live, Hosted Interactive Trivia Game For Your Station? Check This Out


With COVID-19 advancing more interactive opportunities for radio and TV stations seeking to engage with their audience more than ever, a new B2C app from Megaphone TV may prove of interest solely for its data harvesting opportunity.

Introducing an interactive trivia experience that combines Megaphone’s viewer engagement platform with ultra-low latency streaming video.

Dubbed “Quiz Show,” the app allows broadcasters “to create seamless, single-screen play-along trivia” for mobile or desktop. Players would need to go to a broadcaster’s website or app where a live host asks trivia questions in a viewer-versus-viewer live competition. Scores are determined by speed (the faster you answer, the more points you get) and the winner is determined instantly.

“Quiz Show” can be monetized by integrating sponsor logos, inserting pre-roll or mid-roll ads, and using Megaphone TV’s suite of Pop-Up Offers to convert players into consumers.

“Generate leads for clients while rewarding players with prizes for winners!” is the Megaphone TV pitch.

Canadian MVPD-distributed Rogers Sportsnet debuted Megaphone’s “Quiz Show” during the 2020 Stanley Cup Finals. 

Specifically, the network’s “SN IQ” program used Megaphone’s interactive touch-screen trivia an a 9:16 video player for an optimal one-screen play-along experience. The anchor was live-streamed remotely as players answered 10 questions, competing with other fans to win daily prizes or a $5,000 CDN Grand Prize. 

“With SN IQ, Rogers Sportsnet was able to create a unique digital experience with exceptional production value that engaged fans during the biggest event on their calendar,” Megaphone said. 


Jamie MacDonald
Vice President/Broadcast Solutions
New York