A look at an alternative "Ratings Book"


Some broadcasters pride themselves on local relationships and local dollars, eschewing the need to subscribe to or show Arbitron ratings services to clients. Whitney Radio’s (WVIP-FM and WVOX-AM) Bill O’Shaughnessy is one example, publishing his own "ratings book" chock full of positive reviews and feedback from advertisers and regular guests he’s had on the stations over the years.

Says O’Shaughnessy in the book, subtitled "How two New York stations managed to attract 549 major advertisers without paying a dime for ‘ratings’!": "As you may know, I wear it as something of a "badge of honor" that we have refused to pay "tribute" to any so-called ratings service which could never accurately reflect the history, lineage and unique relationships we have with our sponsors and listeners.  And thus my son David persuaded us to assemble "Volume II" which I think is pretty impressive indeed."

| Advertiser testimonials |
"Our salons in New York, Soho, Palm Beach and St. Barts and our upscale products found a perfect advertising venue in WVOX and WVIP."
– – – Frederic Fekkai
 "WVOX and WVIP really deliver … in a lot of important ways. And so does O’Shaughnessy!"
– – – Louis Cappelli, mega-developer
 "I’m constantly amazed at the ‘reach’ of WVOX and WVIP and their influence in all the right places …"
– – – Kenneth Cole
Designer & Chairman, KCP
 "We get high class people coming in from WVOX and WVIP … and they don’t nickel and dime you to death."
– – – Joseph Migliucci
Proprietor, Mario’s Restaurant
 "Nobody has ever regretted a relationship with Bill O’Shaughnessy … or with his radio stations."
– – – Hon. Andrew J. Spano
Westchester County Executive
"WVOX and WVIP send us lots of attractive patrons from Bronxville, Bedford, Scarsdale, Rye, Larchmont, Greenwich … and even Manhattan."
– – – James O’Shea
– – – Charles Kafferman
Proprietors, West Street Grill
Litchfield, CT
 "WVOX and WVIP were on our side from the very beginning … when we wired up Westchester."
– – – Charles Dolan
Chairman, Cablevision
 "Daylight Forensic advertises on WVOX to reach senior executives for  our  corporate services dealing with federal and state governments … "
– – – Joseph A. Spinelli
Inspector General, State of New York
FBI Special Agent
 "WVOX and WVIP offer their clients a lot more than advertising.  They’re  operating on a level far beyond every other contemporary station."
– – – Joseph DePaolo
President, Signature Bank
 "Pepsi spends our corporate dollars with WVOX and WVIP because they’re on our wavelength …"
– – – Cartha B. "Deke" DeLoach
President, Pepsico Foundation
 "We draw a lot of business from Westchester via WVIP and WVOX."
– – – Frank Franz
Chairman, Arthur Avenue B.I.D.
President, Belmont Association – "Little Italy"
Temple Israel, Westchester
 "We get famous "presidential power couples" from Chappaqua … and tons of attractive people from WVIP and WVOX!"
– – – General Richard Crabtree
Proprietor, The Kittle House
 "Whenever we host a major golf tournament – like the U.S. Open – WVOX is our pipeline to the community."
– – – Colin Burns, Sr.
General Manager
Winged Foot Golf Club
 "WVOX has an exquisite ‘feel’ for the community.  They really come through when the chips are down!"
– – – John Spicer
President & CEO Sound Shore Medical Center
"So called ‘ratings’ just don’t work in Westchester and the Bronx.  A station’s heritage, lineage and standing in the community are worth much more. 
– – – Kevin McCabe
Anchor, Cablevision, Bronx
 "We see a place for the kind of advocacy advertising now being used by WVOX.  There are a lot of advertisers who are getting the hell knocked out of them.  Surely, media can do more than offer a good vehicle for advertising a product."
– – – Editorial, ANNY
 "WVOX was the first radio station in America to broadcast a radiothon for the victims of retinitis pigmentosa.  It was not only financially successful, but enlightening to the public.  We have had much response from your listening audience, all favorably acclaiming your public service programs."
– – – Richard Kessler, Chairman
Retinitis Pigmentosa Foundation, Inc.
 "WVOX is remarkably inspiring and inventive … and that’s why you give the other stations such keen competition."
– – – Director of Advertising
Modell’s Sporting Goods
"No other media gives our pristine and special Village any attention except WVOX.  They give us a voice and an important public forum ."
– – – Kenneth Bialo
Mayor Emeritus, Village of Larchmont
 "These guys don’t just sell you commercials … they support you in many subtle – and some none so subtle – ways.    They really fight for you and show a concern for your interests and welfare."
– – – Chris Furey
President, Savvy Computer Network
 "We’re immensely grateful to WVOX and WVIP for using your considerable influence – with both political parties … and for championing our cause with the State Dormitory Authority which freed up several million dollars which would have been tied up for twenty years.  This is no small achievement!  Our talented young students owe you a lot."
– – – Walter Luftman, Chairman
The Culinary Institute of America
Hyde Park