A milestone for radio ad e-commerce platform


Marketron Broadcast Solutions announced that Marketron Exchange has passed the 7,000 order mark. That’s all been achieved since the e-commerce platform launched with Katz Media in February.

Marketron Exchange is an e-commerce platform that allows nearly 6,500 U.S. radio stations using Marketron Traffic, Visual Traffic, or DeltaFlex business systems to send invoices and receive orders electronically. Once installed, Marketron Exchange enables participating stations to move orders directly into their business operating system, eliminating the need for manual entry and reducing discrepancies.

In December 2008 Marketron and Katz Media Group (KMG) partnered to enable the processing of electronic sales orders for KMG’s nationally represented business for distribution to all participating Marketron radio clients.

“When we see the time that our stations save with just one order coming into our system electronically it’s exciting, when we see this savings multiplied by 7,000 orders we are ecstatic. The benefit that Marketron Exchange offers is undeniable and this milestone is proof that we are making a difference during one of the most challenging periods in Radio’s history,” said Marketron COO Gary Coats.

 “The rapid growth that we’ve seen in electronic order delivery since announcing our partnership demonstrates the benefits of our shared commitment to make radio easier to buy. We’re looking forward to expanding our cooperative efforts even further to increase radio’s value for national advertisers,” said Gerry Boehme, Executive Vice President for Strategic Planning and IT Services at Katz Media Group.

1,400 stations have registered for Marketron Exchange since its February launch with Katz Media. Marketron says it plans to release several new integrations with major media buying systems.