A New Audio-Based Prep Service ‘Sparked’ By USRN


Here’s something to share with the programming team, and with the person who cuts your station’s checks.

A new radio station prep service that features, at its core, a daily feed of call-in comments from listeners intended to “spark” further audience engagement has been launched by United Stations Radio Networks.

The new prep service is called, appropriately, SPARK. It includes daily news, entertainment and music stories, lifestyle content, topical audio, topical video and other useful prep. The difference, USRN says, is “the unique benefit of Spark is its daily library of listener audio providing audience feedback and commentary on trending  entertainment and lifestyle topics.”

Margaret Verghese, VP/Comedy and Prep Services at USRN, said, “It’s ironic but the last thing we use our smartphones for is an actual phone call. Our broadcast clients are experiencing that trend and they told us that if we could provide the kind of audio needed to get the phones to ring in the studio, that there would be tremendous value in that, so that’s what we’ve built this new service around.”