A New Broadcast & Media Leader For R&S


On June 30, Jürgen Nies will retire from his role as EVP of Broadcast and Media at Munich-based Rohde & Schwarz.

The following day, the person responsible for the transmitter and amplifier systems and file-based media solutions business units with that division will formally succeed Nies.

The new EVP/Broadcast and Media is set to be Cornelius Heinemann.

With his ascent, Heiemann will also take a seat on the R&S Board of Directors.

Heinemann succeeds a 30-year veteran at Rohde & Schwarz for 30 years. In those three decades, Nies spent 12 as EVP/Broadcast and Media. During this time, he was instrumental in guiding the ongoing development of the division in a rapidly changing market. Specifically, Nies played a key role in the transition to digital products at Rohde & Schwarz. Further, the R&S media product portfolio was expanded under his leadership.

Heinemann has been with Rohde & Schwarz since 1991. He’s led the Transmitter and Amplifier Systems business unit within the Broadcast & Media Division for 12 years. In 2016, he took on additional responsibility for the development of File Based Media Solutions in Hanover, Germany.

The product portfolio in 2018 was further expanded with the acquisition of Pixel Power.

In addition to transmitter and amplifier products, Rohde & Schwarz has comprehensive expertise in software-based signal processing, which it uses to develop products designed to ease the transition to IT-based workflows in the media industry.