A New LPTV Transmitter, From Deutschland


KAISERSLAUTERN, GERMANY — Rohde & Schwarz is adding to its portfolio of low power VHF transmitters with the introduction of the R&S TLV9.

The new model is designed to operate in the VHF band III with an output power of 50 watts to 300 watts from a single 2U box. It has been developed for digital TV standards in VHF band III, giving low-power TV operations in the U.S. a new tool for consideration.

According to R&S, the TLV9 VHF transmitter achieves up to 30% efficiency.

“The new model provides a clear picture of the current operational status through
an intuitive operator interface,” the German company says. “Engineers can easily define boundaries for operational parameters, such as target shoulder distance or the warning level for a minimal MER.”

Based on this input, the transmitter works according to these parameters and provides
constant feedback via SNMP without the need for external monitoring equipment.

The TLV9 is designed to permanently operate at high temperatures – up to 45c/113F at full power.

Features include a self-monitoring function that provides instant feedback on operational parameters and clear diagnostic information in the event of a fault.

— Amy Knall