A New ‘Single-Source Management Solution’ For TV Ad Effectiveness


Kantar Millward Brown has partnered with Samba TV in the U.S. for the creation of a “single-source measurement solution for television advertising effectiveness.”

The partnership combines Samba’s TV dataset with Kantar Millward Brown’s Ignite Network brand marketing analytics platform.

The companies boast that the combination of the platforms gives marketers the same level of precision and granularity in TV effectiveness measurement that they are accustomed to from digital measurement.

Kantar Millward Brown’s Ignite panel includes 8 million PC users and 3 million mobile users.

Samba TV includes 13.5 million smart TV and connected device households.

“The integration of Kantar Millward Brown and Samba TV data assets makes it possible to track exposure data at a TV set level and links it with claimed exposure at the individual level, creating a unique and much more rigorous standard for measurement of TV ad exposure than previously available,” the companies noted in a Wednesday (5/31) announcement.

Brand Lift Insights for TV, powered by Samba TV, helps advertisers answer key questions such as:

  • Which elements of the TV ad campaign are most successful?
  • How does the campaign benchmark against the industry?
  • How can optimizations be made in market to improve campaign effectiveness?

In addition, marketers can fuel media and creative planning decisions with insight into which networks, programs, and dayparts are the most successful in accomplishing the brand’s objectives, which creative tactics excelled at capturing audience attention, and which demographic or behavioral audiences were most receptive to the campaign, the companies note.

“Our clients have been clamoring for verified passive data in linear television ad effectiveness measurement for quite some time. We’re thrilled to partner with Samba to address this need and bring to market a solution that is precise, scalable, and privacy compliant,” said Marc Ryan, Chief Product & Innovation Officer, Media & Digital at Kantar Millward Brown. “Through partnership with Samba TV, the most comprehensive source of real-time viewership data, we’re bringing clients the high level of insight and accuracy they’ve come to expect from digital ad effectiveness to television measurement.”

“Despite the rise of digital and social channels, TV advertising remains the most influential medium in driving brand awareness and influencing purchase decisions. But, thus far, our inability to precisely measure its impact has frustrated marketers and researchers,” said John Livanos, ‎Vice President, Global Consumer Insights at HARMAN International. “The partnership between Kantar Millward Brown and Samba TV addresses the massive need for precise measurement by marrying passive TV exposure data with proven Brand Lift Insights to deliver a more nuanced understanding of the what/how/why of TV ad effectiveness.”

“TV is no longer an island operating with a different set of tools than the rest of the media industry. Marketers need to understand reach and frequency across platforms and how that exposure to all forms of activation impacts brand, in one integrated research platform,” said Ashwin Navin, CEO and co-founder of Samba TV. “In partnership with Kantar Millward Brown, we now offer clients a powerful approach for measuring TV and digital advertising within a holistic methodology trusted by the world’s largest brands.”