A Political Data Cloud for CTV, Streaming Audio Ads


An audience intelligence and data-management platform for OTT and Connected TV has launched a tool designed to enable political advertisers to use both over-the-top video platforms and streaming audio to target specific voter groups on a local, state or national level across various factors.

Introducing the Tru Optik Political Data Cloud, which can drill down potential voter constituencies to party affiliation, past voting behavior and issue orientation.

Political data can be combined with behavioral, demographic and interest-based information, to create custom voter segments actionable across over 80 million U.S. homes through leading publishers and ad tech platforms.

Tru Optik unveiled the Political Data Cloud at Cannes Lions. It aggregates voter and behavioral segments from nearly a dozen leading data providers including firms affiliated with the major political parties, such as TargetSmart, as well as unaffiliated providers including L2, Comscore and Dataline.

Digital media accounted for less than 15% of ad spending in the 2016 presidential election, Tru Optik said. That figure is expected to more than double in 2020, with Connected TV and streaming audio experiencing especially sharp growth.

“We’re already talking to media companies and political ad agencies whose clients are eager to launch connected TV campaigns,” said L2 SVP Paul Westcott. “The Tru Optik Political Data Cloud allows political advertisers to use our data to precisely target and reach specific voter segments across streaming television and radio.”

Tru Optik CEO Andre Swanston added, “Make no mistake, the media battleground that will separate many winners from losers in 2020 will be through the ability to effectively deploy targeted connected TV and streaming audio advertising. These are now mainstream media, with much more targeting power than traditional TV and radio, and exceptional reach among millennial and multi-cultural households. Tru Optik’s Political Data Cloud lets politicians and advocacy groups reach the voters most receptive to their platform or cause in a privacy compliant manner with a combination of precision and scale that until now was not possible.”

Political campaigns are dynamic by nature.

“The quality of data and insights surrounding an ad need to be precise, effective and timely,” added TargetSmart Chief Revenue Officer Matt Taverna. “Integrating our data with Tru Optik means our clients have the tools to reach desired audiences and the flexibility to adjust those audiences throughout the campaign cycle.”

Triton Digital President of Market Development John Rosso said, “Our mission is to help streaming audio publishers and podcasters fully monetize their inventory, which means enabling them to segment their listeners in ways that are meaningful to advertisers. With the 2020 political cycle already underway, we are excited to extend our relationship with Tru Optik by making the Political Data Cloud available to our clients so that our publishers can offer this new breakthrough solution to political advertisers.”

The 2020 U.S. election cycle is expected to be the most expensive in history, with an anticipated $10 billion or more being spent on advertising to influence voters across the nation.

Successful campaigns, says Tru Optik, will acknowledge the major changes in media consumption behavior and leverage new advanced targeting capabilities to reach specific audiences across over-the-top TV (OTT), connected TV (CTV) and streaming audio.


The Tru Optik Political Data Cloud is currently available to select test groups and will be available across all Tru Optik clients and partners starting September 2019.

Disclaimer: Tru Optik is not affiliated with and does not endorse any political party, organization, or candidate.