A quick look at Q1 YOY auto advertising


Almost every media company out there has relished the return of a strong Auto advertising category. Taking a look at television, radio, newspapers, cable and radio, Q1 boasted back-to-back 20%-plus revenue jumps in 2010 and 2011. Broken down, we see:

What the comprehensive ad info from Media Monitors discloses is that over the last three years the initial resurgence was led by a faster Auto ad spot surge in Q1 of 2010 with a disproportionate 27% YOY acceleration versus 21% YOY Auto ad revenue pop.  Subsequently, in Q1 of 2011 there were lofty, yet similar increases of 24% in both Auto spots and in Auto ad spend.

Media Monitors’ local media detail shows Auto ads hit the Television gas pedal first, hit it the hardest, and hit the Tube with the most ad investment in Q1 across two-years at 69% increase:

The local data monitored across 50-85 markets also shows that Auto ads drove the top exposures in Cable TV and in Radio during Q1:
The top Auto ad spend markets for Q1: