A Religious TV Noncomm Sold By LeSEA


KAHULUI, HAWAII — In the Hawaiian islands, KWHE-14 in Honolulu is known for its “ohana” television offerings. Found on Oceanic Spectrum and Hawaiian Telecom systems across the state, KWHE is known for its mix of classic syndicated family-oriented sitcoms and a slate of religious and ministry programming, including The Dr. Sumrall Teaching Series.

Could changes be on the way for KWHE? No. But, there may be some changes at a simulcast partner based on the island of Maui, which is being sold by KWHE’s parent.

Licensed to Maui’s biggest city, Kahului, is KWHM-21. The station has traditionally been used as a satellite of KWHE, and now owner LeSEA Broadcasting Corp. believes it is no longer needed — thanks to the widespread use of cable TV or DBS services across the island.

In fact, KWHM is currently not broadcasting, LeSEA notes, as it has agreed to sell KWHM to Acme Broadcasting Co. 

The deal includes a debt resolution clause between LeSEA and MTB, as proceeds from KWHM’s sale will be used toward funds owed to MTB.

Terms also call for Acme to resume operations of KWHM no later than May 8.

Acme is paying $70,000 for KWHM, and a $15,000 deposit has been made to escrow agent Hardy, Carey, Chautin & Balkin.

There is no broker involved in this transaction.

Acme is led by Eric Alexander Farris and uses a post office box in the West Maui city of Lahaina.

— Amber Hunt, reporting from Maui