A Savage reality for Cumulus stations?


Michael SavageThe hottest radio syndication story thread in some time has been the fate of big-time talkers on Cumulus stations. Now, somebody is talking, and predicting that Michael Savage will be replacing Sean Hannity – and that person is Michael Savage.

Mediaite reported the Savage claims, and also says it’s heard about Cumulus plans for Rush Limbaugh – which is interesting because initially Limbaugh and Hannity were being discussed at two parts of a single syndie package.

Mediate says that according to its sources, Cumulus is viewing Limbaugh as a keeper, and further that Savage’s claim will be confirmed sooner rather than later.

Savage says that Hannity is “probably a nice guy” but that his time has come and gone.

RBR-TVBR observation: If the idea is to steer clear of controversy and provide programming that advertises can attach their message to without running the risk of picking up unwanted political baggage along the way, this move won’t do it. You can love Savage, or you can hate him, but you cannot call him “safe.” The man puts it out there.


  1. Savage has been on the “do not air” lists of major sponsors/agencies for years…this will not do anything for networks or sellers

  2. No way Savage will replace Hannity on Cumulus. I don’t think Cumulus would put him on afternoons. Way too testy with callers. I was surprised they wanted Rush and not Hannity. Why would Hannity be dumped and not Rush? His TV is better than his radio show really..in my opinion.

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