A sign of the changing times


The American Society of Newspaper Editors is planning to remove "paper" from its name and expand its membership to include editors of online-only news Web sites and journalism educators, President Charlotte Hall told members in an email.

The Society’s board of directors unanimously recommended these and other changes that will be considered by ASNE members at a meeting during the group’s convention in Chicago next April.

The new name would be the American Society of News Editors. The logo would remain the same: “ASNE Leading America’s Newsrooms.”

"It is time for ASNE to recognize in its name and its membership that we are way beyond print-only newspapers," Hall said. "All journalists are now digital news producers, and while print remains an important delivery mode, more and more news is being produced only for the Web," he added.

Under the proposal, editors from news Web sites, with or without newspaper affiliations, would be eligible to join ASNE. Founded in 1922, ASNE has until now limited membership to directing editors of newspapers, including top editors of newspaper Web sites.