A Slew Of New Audio Apps For Salem


More than 100 audio apps tied to Salem Media Group properties are now available in the Apple iTunes and Android Play stores, thanks to their build and subsequent launch by custom application developer jācapps.

The 116 new apps, jācapps notes, further broaden Salem’s network and ability to share meaningful digital content with its audiences.

The jācapps and Salem teams worked together to prepare the media company’s faith-based and conservative talk news audio content for mobile reach in 33 markets where it has stations.

“We have a very loyal listener base, but we are competing not just with other radio stations or media providers, but with other digital content that is available to consumers anytime, anywhere,” said Rodney Whitaker, Salem’s Director of Digital Operations. “We need solutions that make it as easy as possible for people to find, listen to and interact with us on their mobile devices.”

Paul Jacobs, jācapps President, added, “You no longer need a radio to listen to the radio. Listeners want their content on-demand, wherever they are, and the brands that support that content want to connect with consumers in meaningful ways. Our job is to help clients, like Salem, create applications to make that all possible.”