A strange tale, to be sure


Don LaRose returned to hosting mornings this month on KURM-AM & FM Rogers, AR as Ken Williams, not just an air name but the false identity under which he had lived for more than 27 years. Rev. Don LaRose disappeared in 1980, abandoning his wife (who had a court declare him dead after seven years), two children and Baptist congregation in Hammond, IN. Shortly thereafter he began a radio career in Arkansas as Ken Williams, assuming the identity of person who had actually died in a car accident as a teenager.

LaRose/Williams resigned from his elected post as Mayor of Centerton, AR in November after reporters from the Benton County Daily Record presented him with evidence of his true identity. He also left his radio job, but was hired back at the beginning of this month. A local prosecutor in Arkansas is now investigating what laws LaRose may have broken and whether he will be charged.