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…so reads another press release on another HiDeaf Receiver — as broadcasting awaits the payoff from this group of crazy radio CEO’s banded together on the edge of reality with their illegal exploitation of the NAB, CEA and an overloaded and underfunded FCC Technical Department  — all willing to give us this dose (or doze) of noise and interference that allows us to whip up on that powerful tool still called satellite radio sucking listeners away from the high powered programming guru ideas filling the airways in a town near you.

What the heck! If our beloved new world disorder government places the same folks in charge that created the FannieMae failures why not get these HiDeaf folks in top levels at the FCC and the other official spokesperson levels and mandate that all cars have HiDeaf by 2012 and analog channels become obsolete along with extended coverages?
Tax breaks and bailouts for “equal time” and diverse broadcasters (repeat of the 80’s tax cuts for dealing to minority or perhaps 1st or 2nd time ownerships) would enter here at the same time. Satellite channels called Red and Blue where the Blue boys get free access and the evil entrepreneurs must donate the Blue Channels and this whole out of balance world becomes Comrad City Communications. Our losing North Florida Newspaper headlined yesterday Metro Section Gay-Straight Club gets clearance to continue courtesy of Judge and front page spoke of the transgender mistreatments at local colleges. Maybe the days of analog broadcasting are being cursed. But our culture is regularly discovering the nasty mishandling and doing its best to make this methodology a common carrier for the enlightened age. How marvelous we asked for change and we are getting stuck with it from every angle and position.
For those not yet persuaded to the effects of spin and buzz on digital noise, take a vacation and listen to the radio or do some on-line listening. See if you can find two clicks difference between the majority of the large and medium market stations co-owned by the apologists, who have dumped their loads of credit line into this digital train wreck.  We now offer the same format, shout liners and dumb slogans in most every market. You can depend on that and the real rock, new rock and timeless classics keep on keeping on. In spite of this boredom, each market has an underground and street level bunker of local sales pros chipping away at the “take it or leave it” machinery pulling in new clients, creatively writing spec spots and actually collecting cash for announcements and on-site promotions as the think tanks mull their next line of defense to staff cuts and economy savings hiding discovery by their investors.
Gerald Smith
Broadcast Guy
Mims Florida