A thank-you message to RBR-TVBR


Dear RBR-TVBR: An extremely long overdue “Thank You” message to express our continuing gratitude to you for your daily RBR-TVBR reports, stories, articles, updates and your “Observations.”

Many, many decades ago (before you were born), Sol Taishoff’s weekly trade periodical, Broadcasting magazine (later, Broadcasting-Telecasting), in every issue published a page titled, “Closed Circuit.”  In some ways, your “Observations” remind us of Broadcasting’s “Closed Circuit” comments. We particularly appreciate the cogent and meaningful insights you provide in your “Observations.”

Most sincerely yours,

Keith Trantow
Rawhide Communications
Tucson, Arizona

Publisher note: Thanks Keith for your kind words to the staff of RBR-TVBR as they are broadcasting professionals doing their best every day to bring the most vital information in our media today. As the RBR-TVBR subhead states above for 27 years: The Voice of the Broadcasting Industry.
Being compared to Sol and the once great Broadcasting magazine, I grew up with, is a true honor.