A Tool For ‘Fast Origination and Delivery’ Of OTT, IPTV


Video delivery technology and services firm Harmonic has released the latest tool in its VOS stable, with a new tool for OTT and IPTV deployments.

VOS SW Cluster, now available, is being pitched as “a comprehensive software application that embeds market-leading media processing, including ingest, playout, compression, encryption, packaging, and origin, and supports both cloud and bare metal compute environments.”

The VOS SW Cluster solution can be used by video content and service providers of any size and on any platform for the origination and delivery of IPTV and OTT services.

It has already been successfully deployed by a leading telecommunications service provider in the Asia-Pacific region.

“Being successful in today’s media environment is highly dependent upon how quickly you can adapt,” said Tim Warren, SVP/CTO for Harmonic’s video business. “The VOS SW Cluster offering expands upon the flexibility and agility of our award-winning VOS Cloud media processing application, enabling operators to be even more nimble in using datacenter resources. With the VOS SW Cluster solution, video content and service providers can handle every step of the media processing chain using datacenters, the cloud, or both to launch services faster and deliver high-quality IPTV and OTT content on every screen.”

As an infrastructure-independent media processing application, the VOS SW Cluster offering makes it easy for operators to switch between bare metal datacenter computing (e.g., off-the-shelf IT), public clouds (e.g., AWS, Microsoft Azure), and private clouds.

The VOS family also includes VOS 360 media processing SaaS, which utilizes the VOS SW Cluster solution, and VOS Engine, an advanced container-based software module. The VOS 360 offering is part of a growing line of SaaS offerings hosted, maintained and monitored by Harmonic.