A Trio Of Appointments At FCC Office of Economics and Analytics


WASHINGTON, D.C. — FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has announced his intent to appoint Margaret Wiener as Associate Chief of the Office of Economics and Analytics, Evan Kwerel as Senior Economic Advisor to the OEA Chief, and Jonathan Campbell as Chief of OEA’s Auctions Division.

Wiener, Dr. Kwerel and Campbell served previously as Chief of the Auctions Division, Senior Economic Advisor in the Economic Analysis Division, and Acting Special Counsel in OEA, respectively.

“Margy and Evan’s combined 55 years of experience, expertise, and leadership at the Commission make them outstanding additions to OEA’s front office,” said Chairman Pai. “Jonathan’s spectrum policy and licensing expertise will be invaluable as the Auctions Division continues its important work addressing various Commission priorities. I appreciate their eagerness to take on new challenges.”

OEA is responsible for expanding and deepening the use of economic analysis into Commission policymaking, for enhancing the development and use of auctions, and for implementing consistent and effective agency-wide data practices and policies.

Wiener has been Chief of what is now known as the Auctions Division in OEA since December 2000. She has overseen over three-quarters of the Commission’s auctions and received the FCC’s Gold Medal Award for Distinguished Service. Prior to joining the Commission in 1997, Ms. Wiener was Of Counsel at Harkins Cunningham in Washington, D.C., where she worked on competition issues related to freight railroad mergers.

Dr. Kwerel has worked on a broad range of spectrum policy issues, including the development of the Commission’s innovative simultaneous multiple round auction methodology and the Broadcast Incentive Auction. He previously served as a senior economist with the President’s Council of Economic Advisors.

Campbell joined OEA from the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau, where he served as an Attorney-Advisor in the Broadband Division and then as Legal Advisor in the Office of the Bureau Chief. Prior to joining the Commission in 2015, he was Director of Government Affairs at the Wireless Infrastructure Association.