A Violet Choice For Veritone One


The company behind the Purple mattress has selected Veritone One, the influencer and audio advertising agency arm of AI-focused Veritone Inc., as an agency of record for audio advertising.

It’s a win that Veritone One attributes to its performance assessment, transparency and accountability reports, delivered through AI-powered analytics and reporting.

With the deal, Veritone One will help Purple redesign its audio advertising strategy by leveraging a mixed platform approach of podcast, radio and streaming advertisements.

James Brohamer, Omnichannel Marketing Director for Purple, gives Veritone a strong endorsement. “We are confident that Veritone One can help us successfully overhaul our audio strategy with the help of their AI technology and insights that allow for quick pivots in the ever-changing landscape of audio advertising,” he said.

Purple will have near real-time access to ad performance and measurement data, via a Veritone One VCAP dashboard tailored to Purple’s specific KPIs and campaign objectives.