AARP partners with RLTV for new cable program


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The advocacy for older Americans known as AARP has long guided its members to movies that it believes will appeal to actual “grownups.” Its platform for providing this service is about to expand in the form of a TV show on basic cable outlet RLTV.

The program will be a movie triple threat – it will highlight recommended new theatrical releases; it will also highlight new home video releases; and it will air a classic movie selected to appeal to AARP membership in its entirety.

Movie expert Bill Newcott is the host of Movies For Grownups Presents.

“AARP has played an important role in highlighting the value and significance of the 50+ movie audience through Movies for Grownups over the past decade, and we are honored to join with them in bringing this program to RLTV,” said RLTV President and CEO Paul FitzPatrick. “Furthermore, we are confident that Bill Newcott’s entertaining point of view and depth of knowledge about movies new and old will prove to be very popular with our viewers.”

“From the start, AARP’s Movies for Grownups program has pointed audiences to great films for 50+ movie lovers—and worked hard to make sure Hollywood doesn’t overlook that audience,” said Newcott. “Now with RLTV, we’re bringing some of our favorite classic films straight to people’s homes—and previewing great new films they can see in theaters and on home video.”

RBR-TVBR observation: You don’t have to be over the age of 50 to find yourself staring at the selections at a multi-screen theater and finding yourself completely disinterested. We personally have moved beyond the taste in programming we had when we were 18, and it can be annoying to see the 18-year-olds routinely have seven or eight choices while us adults get one or two.

OK, OK, we know they earn it by actually going to the theater and spending their money on a routine basis. Given that Hollywood is always going to go where the money is, and we apparently are not that place, we would be glad to get AARP’s opinion on what might actually be interesting to a mature individual, and would certainly put this channel on the remote rotation should the itshow up on our local MVPD system.