Abacast debuts cloud-based ad insertion


AbacastLike its recently-debuted live stream song skipping, the new ad insertion system works off of Abacast’s patent pending Cloud Insertion and Personalized Live Radio technologies.

Using cost-effective HTTP delivery, the cloud-based ad insertion system enables advertisers and broadcasters to seamlessly serve individually-targeted targeted ads to listening audiences no matter what player or device audiences are using. Examples of targeting options include “all smartphone listeners,” “all listeners in the top 20 DMAs that are on iPhones,”  “all male listeners in the 25-34 age range in a group of zip codes,” “all listeners listening on the TuneIn player,” and more.

Inventory CPM rates for targeted ads are typically 50% to 200% higher than non-targeted ads, and because advertisers are only reaching the audiences they desire, advertisers find targeted inventory very appealing.  Furthermore, even with an exploding number of new mobile and other connected devices, broadcasters can serve targeted audio or video ads to these audiences as soon as the device hits the market.

“Abacast’s cloud-based ad insertion is the first in the digital media and radio industries to be able to target new devices such as iPhones with cost-effective HTTP delivery, and at the same time address legacy players with this same advanced targeting, all without the need for additional client software,” said Rob Green, Abacast CEO.  “Targeted cloud-based ad insertion technologies will be an imperative driver for broadcaster profitability in online radio as we continue to see consumers using many devices to consume content when and where they choose.”

Abacast’s cloud-based ad insertion is specifically designed for all broadcaster sizes and is deployed on the Abacast streaming network as well as on Akamai and Amazon.

RBR-TVBR observation: This is yet another advancement from Abacast that will drive advertisers to want to place media in streaming radio. “Advertising to the interested” is the pitch here and it further puts radio’s online streams in the same arena as targetable digital media. Sure targeted streaming ads insertion is out there, but this seems like a 360-degree, streamlined solution that costs less via The Cloud.