No. 1 Online Broadcast Site for October


With the First Full Month of the 2009-10 TV Season, is the No. 1 Online Broadcast Site for October 2009 Owns 7 of the Top 10 Spots in Unique Viewers in October 2009, Including Freshman Series “FlashForward” and “Modern Family”

ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy” is October 2009’s No. 1 Program in Total Streams

According to the latest data from Nielsen VideoCensus for October 2009, the first full month of the 2009-10 TV season, (5.6 million UVs) ranked as the No. 1 online broadcast site for the month in Unique Viewers, beating by 30% (4.3 million UVs), CBS Television by 47% (3.8 million UVs), Fox Broadcasting by 229% (1.7 million UVs) and by 273% (1.5 million UVs). was up in Unique Viewers over the previous month for the 2nd month in a row (5.5 million UVs – September 09), delivering the site’s largest UV tally since May 09.

Program Highlights – Unique Viewers (October ‘09)
For viewing of full episodes and short-form content, claimed 7 of the Top 10 spots during October ’09, including two freshman series with “FlashForward” and “Modern Family.”’s Top 10 entries include “ABC Music Lounge” (No. 2 – 1.012 million Unique Viewers) “Dancing with the Stars” (No. 3 – 998,000 UVs), “Grey’s Anatomy” (No. 4 – 985,000 UVs), “FlashForward” (No. 5 – 871,000 UVs), “Ugly Betty” (No. 7 – 736,000 UVs), “Desperate Housewives” (No. 9 – 687,000 UVs) and “Modern Family” (No. 10 – 471,000 UVs).
Program Highlights – Total Streams (October ‘09)
For Total Streams, owned 5 of the Top 10 shows in October ’09, including the No. 1 Program. 

In Total Streams, “Grey’s Anatomy” (21.8 million Total Streams) qualified as the No. 1 show for the month.  In fact, has held the top entertainment program online in Total Streams for the 10th month in a row, every month in 2009.

The rest of Top 10 in Total Streams include “FlashForward” (No. 3T – 12.5 million Total Streams), “Desperate Housewives” (No. 5 – 11.5 million TS), “Dancing with the Stars” (No. 8 – 8.2 million TS) and “Private Practice” (No. 9 – 8.0 million TS).

Broadcast Network Websites – Unique Viewers (October ‘09)   
Name                           Unique Viewers
No. 1               5.6 million
No. 2               4.3 million
No. 3 CBS Television       3.8 million
No. 4 Fox Broadcasting    1.7 million
No. 5               1.5 million

Top 10 Programs – Unique Viewers (October ‘09)  
        Program                      Net                  Unique Viewers
No. 1 Saturday Night Live       NBC                 1.041 million
No. 2 ABC Music Lounge        ABC                 1.012 million
No. 3 Dancing with the Stars  ABC                    998,000
No. 4 Grey’s Anatomy           ABC                    985,000
No. 5 FlashForward               ABC                    871,000
No. 6 The Office                  NBC                     773,000
No. 7 Ugly Betty                  ABC                     736,000
No. 8 The Jay Leno Show     NBC                      720,000
No. 9 Desperate Housewives ABC                     687,000
No.10 Modern Family           ABC                      471,000

Top 10 Programs – Total Streams (October ‘09)   
Program                              Net     Total Streams
No. 1 Grey’s Anatomy            ABC     21.8 million
No. 2 The Office                    NBC    20.7 million
No.3t FlashForward                 ABC    12.5 million
No.3t Glee                            Fox     12.5 million
No. 4 Desperate Housewives   ABC     11.5 million
No. 6 Heroes                         NBC    10.7 million
No. 7 House                          Fox      9.1 million
No. 8 Dancing with the Stars    ABC      8.2 million
No.9t Private Practice              ABC      8.0 million
No.9t Vampire Diaries             CW       8.0 million’s Full Episode Player delivers a high-quality viewing experience to users and premium to advertisers, attracting a young, highly educated and loyal audience. Since Fall 2008, over 215 million episodes have been initiated through the Full Episode Player.
Last fall launched a new short-form video player which allows users to embed videos throughout the web, including their own blogs and third-party social networking sites. The short form player is home to over 2000 pieces of content, including original webisodes, exclusive sneak peeks and interviews with the stars of ABC’s most popular series, as well as’s original daily online series “Start Now.” is available anytime, anywhere on mobile devices at

(source: data and information provided by ABC. – Nielsen Online, VideoCensus, October 2009)