ABC content, ads to be in 10,000 cabs


ABC will sell ads and provide programming shorts to about 10,000 cabs that receive video from Creative Mobile Technologies’ Creative Mobile Media. The deal, which launches 1/1, includes 6,600 NYC cabs and CMT-affiliated cabs in Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Anaheim, Kansas City, Denver, Columbus, and Charlotte.

Cabs in the Big Apple that receive programming from CMM will offer local news and weather updated four times a day, and news-you-can-use features. The loop begins when the driver flips the meter.

Content and advertising through ABC’s local stations and sales forces in major U.S. media markets including WABC-TV NYC.  The 140-person sales force of ABC National Television Sales and its ABC Regional Sports and Entertainment Sales unit leverage ABC-owned and affiliate stations across the country to deliver high quality advertising alongside its premium ABC content. 

WABC-TV has already built a strong content presence in New York City taxicabs and now looks to further strengthen that presence in association with CMT, whose customers’ taxis generate more trips per day than any other in-taxi media company. 

Thousands of additional taxicabs are expected in 2012, capitalizing on the rise in popularity of in-taxi media and ad solutions. 

“ABC’s exclusive new pact with Creative Mobile Technologies and Creative Mobile Media significantly expands the growth opportunities ahead for our taxi TV programming and advertising business,” said Dave Davis, President and GM  of WABC-TV. “This new combination of CMT’s superior technology and the market-leading content from ABC stations promises a better passenger experience in taxis in New York and other cities.”