ABC Radio Networks launches Curtis Sliwa LIVE


ABC Radio Networks announced that Curtis Sliwa will hit the airwaves on Dec. 1 with Curtis Sliwa LIVE – a three-hour program featuring an interactive discussion of the top news stories of the day. Sliwa, who founded The Guardian Angels community safety organization, has been broadcasting on 77 WABC in New York since 1990 and has most recently delivered his message of empowerment and activism to weekday early-morning audiences in the New York/New Jersey market. The new syndicated program will air Monday-Friday from 10 p.m. – 1 a.m. ET and several affiliates including WTKK in Boston, KABC in Los Angeles and WMAL in Washington, DC have already signed on.

“Curtis is a talented, lively broadcaster who has developed a loyal audience that connects with his approachable, common-man style and daily discussion of news that matters in their world,” said Carl Anderson, Senior Vice President of Programming and Distribution for ABC Radio Networks. “We feel the weeknight niche is an area of radio that is currently being under-served in some markets. Taking Curtis to syndication to fill that need is going to be a win for station programmers looking to add a personality that will resonate with their listeners.”

“I’m thrilled with the opportunity to expand our program and discuss the news of the day with listeners from across the country,” said Sliwa. “We provide our callers a live forum to chat about the regular people generating the news. Expanding our audience base is sure to add some tremendous opinions to these evening visits.”

Sliwa is internationally recognized as the founder and leader of The Guardian Angels, the non-profit, volunteer crime-fighting association he has grown to more than 140 chapters throughout the United States and 12 other countries since its formation in 1979. The native New Yorker is a regular on the university guest lecturer circuit and has spearheaded numerous public service programs targeting clothing drives for the needy and the anti-drug message. Sliwa has also authored several books on self-defense and safety, making his vision of community service and fighting crime a reality for many.