ABC Says Yes To OOH Reporting From Nielsen


The Disney|ABC Television Group has given another vote of confidence to Nielsen‘s national out-of-home reporting service. In an announcement made Wednesday, the flagship ABC broadcast TV network will now join ESPN and ESPN2 as networks participating in the opt-in syndicated service.

The newly reached accord with Nielsen gives ABC out-of-home viewing data, including ratings for all content—programs and commercials—aired on the network for live plus seven days of time-shifted viewing.

ESPN and sibling ESPN2 earlier this year became the first two networks to sign up for the Nielsen service.

“We’re pleased to see that Nielsen has built the capability to measure viewing of ABC’s content away from home, whether consumers are enjoying our rich programming alone or with family and friends,” said Disney|ABC Television Group EVP/Consumer Experience Cindy Davis. “We’re looking forward to engaging our clients with a true reflection of viewership across all screens.”

The Nielsen opt-in service measures both in-home and out-of-home audiences. ABC and subscribing networks receive weekly reports that include audience estimates for program and commercial content. The national out-of-home reporting service and the ability it provides networks to transact based on this previously unmeasured audience is a key part of Nielsen’s Total Audience framework.

Peter Bradbury, Managing Director of Nielsen National Client Solutions, commented, “As viewing continues to fragment across screens and devices, Nielsen is working diligently to ensure we can offer the most comprehensive view of media consumption possible.”

The service uses Nielsen’s Portable People Meter (PPM) technology, from nearly 77,000 installed panelists.